Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm back online!!

So today is Sunday, eight days since we dropped off our computer at Best Buy's Geek Squad. Yesterday we were so impatient that we decided to call them to check the status of our computer. They were so busy that I had to leave a message. That was in the morning. We left for the State Fair for the day but when we got home after midnight, to our dismay, no messages. The Geeks didn't call. *sniff sniff*

So instead, this morning we just went straight down there. No messing around here. We're having withdrawls. I want my computer!! Once there, we get up to the counter and talk to the tech guy. He goes to the back and sure enough, it's ready!! YAH!!!

So now I'm sitting here trying (keyword: trying) to write this blog and I have my daughter in the kitchen calling for me cause she wants to be done with her dinner. Leave me alone!!! I know that sounds terrible but damn.....I have spent the last 7 days without the computer (except for at work) and I just want a few minutes of quiet time to write my blog. Is that too much to ask for??!! *sigh*

So yah for my computer and yah to be back online with all my friends!!


Trish said...

I know, you don't realize how important your computer is until it's gone. Our computer is acting up. I have to blame Norma Jean on this one. lol... It's okay though. So, let me know about this coming Saturday.

The Adventures of France & Deirdre said...

It is alwasy nice to have that computer!! Dan works for Best Buy (yes, he is a Geek, but a tv Geek) and I guess I am lucky for those discounts on repairs and such if I need it! Happy blogging once again!!