Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year * 2014!!

Here we's officially 2014! It's a new beginning to a new year and I'm excited!

I'm not just excited because it's a new, definitely not excited for the simple fact that I will officially be another year older, something I'll get into in a moment. I'm excited because this is my first post since Nov. 2012. I know, right?! It's been over a year?

To be perfectly honest, I really haven't had much to say. Life has been crazy busy...period! Not that I haven't thought about writing, I have...I just never could think of anything to write about.

Here's a quick timeline just to quickly catch you up...

  • Celebrated 20 yrs together with my husband (12 yrs married)!
  • Celebrated my last year in my 30's. Yes, I will officially be 40 this year. :/
  • Celebrated 1 year for our restaurants being open!
  • We vacationed, as usual. This year we went to Clearwater, Fl to see Winter, the dolphin from the movie Dolphin Tale. Then we went to Universal Studios Orlando, Downtown Disney and then the last part of our vacation was spent in Key West. We had the best time! This year is possibly Hawaii!
  • Since we have Disneyland annual passes and we had only gone there once by Sept, we basically had to catch up and had a Disneyland marathon from mid-Sept to the 1st week in Dec., which meant we went to Disneyland every other weekend. The 6 hr drive each way was tough but we had to get our monies worth. The last trip was enjoyed by having my parents come with us. My dad's first trip back in 30 yrs!
  • My husband got his first tattoo in memory of his mom who passed away in Sept. 2012.
  • My daughter and I got to meet Disney's Shake It Up star, Zendaya.
  • Went on the TMZ tour in Hollywood. 
  • We went to Vegas a couple times and Reno once.
  • I donated blood for the first time. 
  • My daughter started middle school this year. I feel old now.
  • Got my first iPhone.
  • I lost my grandpa last month. He was 92. :(
It's been a year full of ups and downs, exciting adventures and many memories made. We look forward to hopefully another year with new adventures....and more blog posts! I thank you to those that have stuck around!

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ChristianMom2Boys said...

Woohoo! for a new blog post! So glad to see you back to blogging. Think you'll keep it up? I'm planning on starting a new one. See if I can pull it together! ;) Look forward to more posts! :D