Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beginners Luck!

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This weekend we went over to our friend's house for dinner and to play poker. As long as we have been friends, I believe this was the first time we actually went out to dinner with them. We really had a nice time. They have two boys and then my daughter. They are like bff's too.

So, as the evening went on, we got a game of poker started. Of course, my friend's oldest and my daughter wanted to play along with us adults. My friend's son has played before with my friend's but my daughter hasn't. She's actually likes to play blackjack. I know, you're all probably thinking "What the heck are they teaching poker and blackjack to their 6 yr old kids?" I don't know what my friend's excuse is but with us, remember, we love Vegas! I personally think it's funny watching my child trying to do the whole "poker face" type of look but at the same time, is this really appropriate?! I guess there are worse things.

Anyway, we figured my husband can help our daughter along until she kind of gets the hang of the game. We first start off with a few hands of Texas Hold'em and then we move onto 5 Card Stud, Deuces Wild. After a good several hands with my husband helping her out, she felt she was ready to play on her own. This is how the next hand played out....

My friend (the husband) deals the hand. There are six of us playing. We all look at our hands and decide which to discard for new cards. My daughter may like to play the whole "poker face" but she is not so good with her reactions. Once she got her replacement cards, she was all like "Oh yeah!".

Meanwhile, I get my replacement cards and I am really please with my hand. 4 of a kind. My daughter was being all cocky saying "Oh yeah, I have a good hand". I kept saying "It better be real good cause I don't think you're winning this one sweety." With a slight guilt feeling cause I don't want to hurt her feelings if she loses.

Everyone placed their bet or folded. We asked our daughter, "Are you betting?" She says yes, and I said "Are you sure cause I don't think you'll win this." She was absolutely sure! There was no changing her mind. She was confident. I matched her bet and raised her. She matched my raise. It was time to show our cards.....

WHAT??!!! My child had four 7's and a deuce to make the fifth 7. My child had 5 of a kind????!!!

Remember, this was her very FIRST hand on her own!! LOL! My child kicked my rear! Talk about beginners luck!


Stesha said...

My very first time playing 3 Card Poker I got a 3 of a kind. I was wondering why the dealer was all excited and I wasn't

Hugs and Mocha,

Nikki B. said...

oooh...grow her up and take her to vegas!!

momma needs a new pair of shoes!!!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Perhaps it was beginner's luck...or maybe you just have a card shark in your midst.

Look out Vegas! :)


Melissa said...

Too funny! I think you have a little good luck charm on your a lotto ticket and quick:)

{Diamond} said...

You should take her to Vegas and sneak her in lol. Just kidding! lol :-D

Linda said...

LOL !!!!
That lottery idea might just be a good one! :o)
We had soo much fun that night, glad you guys could come over...will have to do it more often!
As for why my mister plays's just a bonding thing with his Daddy. :o)