Sunday, January 24, 2010

A California Saying...

We have a saying here in California if the weather happens to become weird.....

"Maybe this is earthquake weather?!"

When the weather becomes muggy or humid or doesn't fit the season, we always turn to the thought of an earthquake.

Well, we've been having rain for the last 6 straight days but all in all, it's been a pretty wet season this year. Which is a good thing as we have been dealing with a drought for the last several years. So the more rain, the better. Personally, I can do without the rain cause I love the sun. However, having the rain right now isn't what's weird.

Yesterday while we were in San Jose for the Sharks game, I got a call from my BFF asking if we were home and wanted to know if we were okay cause she had heard that a tornado had touch downed in our town. I was shocked cause we don't have tornado's. Maybe on a rare occasion. Like maybe every 10 yrs or whatever. I've never seen one though.

Well, turns out it never did touch down but was simply a funnel cloud. Pretty excited all the same though, I guess. I personally would never want to be caught in the middle of a tornado. I prefer my earthquakes.

This is an actually funnel cloud from a neighboring town in our area. I didn't take this picture though.

{Photo courtesy of}

So with that said, with this weird weather that we are having and are clearly not used to, brings me to this saying in California......

"Maybe this is earthquake weather?!"


Nikki B. said...

tornadoes are scary as hell. the little town i grew up in had an awful one my senior year. mile wide tornado...f4! destroyed our town, everyone left, many never returned. it's a ghosttown now.

it was a cute little town, too. bonnie and clyde robbed the little bank on the historic town square! sad.

having said that...the ground shaking beneath me, would make me soil myself!!! yikes! i hope it's not earthquake weather!

shopannies said...

I agree very odd weather for sure

Stesha said...

If I ever had to experience an earthquake or a tornado I would lose it!

Hurricanes are scary enough!

Hugs and Mocha,

panamamama said...

Odd weather here too. Short sleeves in the morning and jackets by noon?