Thursday, January 14, 2010

We're Moving Up!

We had been contemplating purchasing a laptop for some time now. Making excuses as to why it would be of benefit to us but in the end, money was always a factor. We figured it wasn't worth spending the $300 plus dollars just for a luxury.

Well, this evening we decided to scrounge up all our gift cards, took back a prepaid phone that I got for Christmas that wasn't going to work for us and then made our way to Best Buy.

We're home now, as proud new Netbook owners too! The best part didn't even cost that much after all the gift cards.

Asus Eee PC T91 Pictures, Images and Photos
Now, I get to spend more time with my husband while he watches his Sharks game. He's happy, I'm happy. This house shall be a calmer, happier place now! All because of a little Netbook.
Now I can be cool like everyone else and hang out at the local Starbucks drinking my chai. Okay, I wouldn't go that far :o)

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