Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What the heck is that?

Dreams. They're really weird sometimes. Aren't they?!

Do you ever wonder why sometimes when you dream about someone, it sometimes shows a different person's face or better yet, no face at all. Just. Weird. I tell ya!

I've never been one to dream about flying either. Nope. Nor have I dreamt about falling.

I have had my fair share of happy dreams, sad dreams and even scary dreams. The worst dreams are the ones that stick with me all day. The ones that bother me and make me kind of melancholy.

Well, this story is about a dream I had a few times as a young child. It was both weird and scary to me as a child. Yes, and I had it more than once also.

It took place in my childhood home. Only thing is, it didn't look like my home. It had a basement. A key indicator that it wasn't my home. We live in California and yeah, we don't usually have basements in houses out here.

This particular day I decided to go into the basement and look at our fish tank. This was no ordinary fish tank either. This thing was huge. Huge as in, about the size of a Suburban.

I remember walking slowly around the tank and looking at this very big, weird fish. Like I had never seen it before. It was swimming around but I was only able to see the front of it at the time. Strange thing is, it's face looked like E.T. (probably had this dream after I saw E.T. for the first time).

ET Pictures, Images and Photos

As I was staring at the fish, it was swimming and started to turn so that the side became visible to me. That's when I saw it. It looked like a shark had attacked it. The whole back end of the fish was missing with all it's insides flowing out of it. It just kept swimming though, as if all was normal.

Then one day, years later (not a dream but real life) I had gone to an aquarium and saw the Sunfish and that's when I thought how uncanny it resembled the fish in my dream, years ago as a child.

Sunfish Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay, so maybe it doesn't look exactly like E.T. and it doesn't have it's insides flowing out but it does have a funky face with a body that looks like something knawed on the backend of it.

I don't have that dream anymore. Thank goodness. However, I remember it so well, it doesn't matter. It'll be one of those dreams I'll remember for the rest of my life.

I have a few of those. Do you?


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SageOfTheWabash said...

Well written and lucid. Sometimes when people try to explain teir dreams words fsil them, not so with you. I will return to read more.

Lourie said...

I hardly ever remember my dreams these days. But as a kid, I used to have recurring nightmares that tidal waves would be sooo huge that they would come to my house. (we lived about 7 miles from the beach)Funny too, I loved the beach. Still do. This was a great post.

Together We Save said...

I dream all the time.... just like an odd crazy continuation of my day.

Maureen said...

Greatly written! On the opposite, I always had many bad dreams about flying and falling or drowning lol.