Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Isn't it amazing how words can either make you or break you?

Or in a sentence, it can be a really good comment from someone but as soon as you add a negative word to it, it becomes sour, rude or just plain mean.

Words are powerful.

They can bring joy, laughter, sorrow, or even anger to a person's life.

A simple word.

When you put a combination of these positive AND negative words together, it is bound to break someones heart.


I don't like being a Negative Nelly here on my blog but as I've said before, this is my outlet and for those times that I don't have anyone to talk to and am feeling so alone, I need to write out my feelings here, to someone, anyone who knows what I'm going through, or maybe no one at all. That's okay. At least I got it out and feel some relief, a weight lifted off of me, per se.

Right now I'm going through a difficult time. I have God with me though who is going to get me through this....cause he always does. When life throws me a curve ball, I've gotta catch it and run with it. That's where my blog comes into play.

My blog helps me cope. Helps me get things off my chest and not feel judged. It makes me feel and see the light when I do get some words of encouragement.
So for today, forgive me for the Negative Nelly post. For tomorrow may bring a brighter day.


Anonymous said...

It's completely human to be negative. We just have to remember that's why God sent Jesus. For us to have hope. He's an overflowing well of forgiveness and will love you no matter what. Hope you feel much better tomorrow. :)

lagirl/sweet tea said...

We ALL have our times of feeling "less than" and all "wrung out". I'm so very thankful that each day is a new beginning; a brand new "do-over". We may keep score, but God does not. We can't begin to understand just how much he loves and adores us...Words ARE powerful and God's WORD says you are his creation - made in his image. Those words have a way of negating hurtful words of people who simply "don't understand". Feel better, Honey!

Mayhem and Moxie said...

So sorry to hear that you are going through a tough time, Kimmy, but it definitely sounds like you have your priorities straight. Your faith will see you through. That is the one thing in life that I am confident in.

Oh, and as for being negative? Never apologize! It is, after all, your blog and your place to say what you need to.

So glad that you found us again!


Amarie said...

We'll be right here, waiting, when the sun comes out again :-).