Saturday, January 2, 2010

A much needed change

I was at one of my BFF, Angie's house the other day. I just love her style too. She is so up-to-date with her fashion, accessories and hair. LOVE her hair!

Well, since I've been talking about getting my hair done, I had to get our new hair girl's phone number. Yes, Angie is the one who hooks me up with our hair girl cause she is always getting her hair done when she's supposed to whereas me, I wait every year and a half to get mine done. I know, bad. Very bad. And it shows. You look at my hair and look at Angie's hair and you'll see a major difference. Her's is so healthy and mine is well, frizzy.

Welcome to my sad little hair world!

Anyways, so I got the salon and girl's name to do my hair. Now.....what to have done. Angie told me that carmel highlights would look really good in my hair. I have never had highlights done to my hair. I've only dyed my hair before. Dyed it auburn. It was ok but the carmel highlights are sounding very intriguing to me. I think I just may have to go with the highlights. I am so excited too! Once I have my heart set on something, I can't let it go until I get it and this is no exception. I just need to make that call. I will call tomorrow. No time to wait! I'm just so sick of my unmanageable hair right now. Oh, and you know I'll post before and after pics too!

Besides that, we just got home from staying overnight at my other BFF's house for New Years. We had a great time even though I was dealing with a lingering migraine. Then the next day we made our way out to Calaveras Big Trees and Bear Valley for some snow fun. We got lots of pictures, so stay tuned for some pics soon.

I hope everyone had a great New Year! Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for me!


Miss. Candy said...

I am like you and don't keep with my hair appts as I should!!! Getting your hair done feels so great!!! Enjoy!!!!

lagirl/sweet tea said...

I'm thinkin' you and your BFF both look GORGEOUS!! Can't see anything at all wrong with your hair, course I know a haircut/style/color gives us all a boost from time to time. I'll be watching for pictures.

Amarie said...

I'm the same way! Think I've changed my hairstyle maybe only three times since I was 15! Pathetic, I know lol. Do it! You'll be an inspiration to so many of us! :-)