Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who's Next, America?

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Oh yes! You know I'll be watching it tonight.

I'm weird though. It's only the auditions that I watch. Once the actual competition begins is when the channel gets turned.

I've actually had people ask me "You don't get sucked in by the time the competitions start?"

Uh.....Nope! Not me.

It's the auditions that are the best part of the whole thing! Come on, admit it. It's where all the funny, crazy, entertaining things happen. That's what keeps me coming back. Once all the seriousness comes in is when I have to part ways.

There are so many funny things that people do on that show but I can not for the life of me find one funnier than Eccentric. You know, the Panther guy?
Don't fret, cause if you missed it, I have it here for your entertaining pleasures.

(If the video doesn't work for you, here's the link:

LMAO!!! I'm sorry.......it's just as funny this time as it was the first time I saw it!!!!
If you don't watch American Idol now, I would think this would get you started.


Nikki B. said...

hilarious! i watch all of idol! to the bitter end! so excited!

Nikki B. said...

FORGOT. TO SET. MUH DVR!!!! WTF??? missed it completely! waited a GD nine months to see this show, and forgot to set my DVR!!

Booklover1212 said...

I watch Idol too -- all the way to the bitter end. Hubby and I DVR the episodes and watch them together. It's our guilty pleasure on the weekends instead of date nights...LOL!

~ Jennifer

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

So weird that he didn't make it through. Huh.

Trinity said...

Pants on the ground... pants on the ground... goin around with your pants on the ground... hat turned sideways... mouth full of gold with your pants on the ground!! LOLOL ;-)