Thursday, December 31, 2009

Speak Up Lady!

This week Mama Kat is keeping me busy with her prompts. I'm just in bloggy overload.

Since I already did the New Years Resolution post here, I thought I would do this one also...

4.) Write a letter to someone you received poor customer service from.(inspired by Lynsey from Sassy & Southern)

Stop Bad Customer Service Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay, I just reread this (after I already posted it) and realized that I was supposed to write a letter to someone that gave me poor customer service. I neglected to do so but instead, wrote about my poor customer service experience. And since I'm dealing with a migraine that is currently upsetting my stomach, you will all have to just deal with my lack of cooperation in my "homework assignment". Please forgive me! :o)

I'm big on customer service. I used to be in customer service for way too long, Kmart and Blockbuster Video. I learned my fair share of what it means to extend out good customer service. I felt like a pro too. I was friendly but was quick and got the customer out in a timely manner. I even had my regulars. Some who said they came just to see me. :O)

I'm glad I'm not in customer service anymore though. I had my fair share of rude people. People who looked for stuff to complain about. People who lived their life to be miserable and tried spewing it out onto me. I had my moments where I went home crying too.

With all that experience (ooooh boy!), I learned that it takes good customer service to bring the customers back. Keeping the customers coming means you keep your job. Well, some people don't look at it that why, like this lady.....

It was a summer day. My husband, daughter and I went to Lowes to pick up some items for the house. We approach the checkout where this older woman in her late 60's was standing with non other than a serious, non-friendly look.

As we set our stuff on the counter, she proceeds to start scanning the items. No "hello", no "how are you today?". NOTHING. Just scanning.

Now, at this point I'm already getting annoyed cause what's wrong with a little "hello"? Plus, I would expect such behavior from a teenager, not an older woman.

Once she was done scanning and bagging our items, she says nothing. NOTHING I tell you! I look at the register for the price and tell my husband the price. As he proceeds to counts out the money into his hand to give to the lady, that's when I look at the lady and irritatingly say to her "We have mouths, you know!"

She then takes the money, gives us the receipt and we were out of there. Without a single word from the cashier lady.

I understand people have bad days. I've had them myself and have had to tuck it away the best I could but I have never, EVER taken it out onto my customers. With the age of this woman, I would have expected better customer service from her but instead, she had proven to me that she was just like the teenagers of today. UNGRATEFUL to even have a job!

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Mama Kat said...

Some people are just not cut out for interacting with the public.

I am one.

But even I would have said hello. Maybe she was sick. ;)