Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Traditions

We have a few traditions here in our house for the holidays.

For instance, for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas we go out to breakfast. My husband and I have been doing this since we got together 16 years ago. Once we had our daughter, what better time to continue this tradition.

For Christmas though, we have a tradition that I'm sure is common tradition for a lot of people...

Collecting an annual Christmas tree ornament!

I love ornaments and to have one that represents the year, one way or another, I enjoy getting them each year to hang on our tree.

There is no special criteria in picking our ornament but I do try to have it with the year on it however, last year we didn't get that. I just simply picked it cause it was super cute!!

Here are the last 3 years ornaments we've purchased.

From The Dicken's Fair in S.F.

Just a super cute reindeer!

Lake Tahoe

What traditions do you have in your home for the holidays?

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Amarie said...

Beautiful ornaments, and I love the aura of the lights! Traditions? Hmmm, other than stuffing our faces, not any really, lol, but I've seriously been wanting to start some real ones, especially for my little girl :-).