Friday, December 18, 2009

I sure miss....

...being a kid this time of year. Why?


Today my baby girl was able to go to school wearing her pj's. Her PJ's!!

Not only that, but she was able to bring a dolly or stuffed animal, pillow and blankie. Now you know she was excited about that! So excited that she had gotten all her stuff ready and in her back pack last night. Perhaps they should have more "PJ" days at school. She seems to get ready on time that way. :o)


In other news, we have a very busy weekend to look forward to.

First, Noodle needs to be at the church at 9am tomorrow morning for dress rehearsal for a Christmas program this Sunday at church. I can't wait!

I remember being a little kid doing these at my Christian school. I miss this!

Then, after that we have a birthday party to go to. Normally I would buy the gift right before the party but not this time. This time I've got the gift, wrapped and ready to go. This for me is a huge accomplishment. *pat on the back*

Then, Sunday we have Church and the Christmas program. Of course we'll have the camera and video camera ready.

After that, we have a lady coming over to meet with my husband and I for "home" reasons. Basically to try and make our lives easier. Don't we just like that?! People that can make our lives easier?! Well, I do. :o)


Yesterday we went to Lowes and started browsing the Christmas isle. They had all the decorations and stuff 50% off. I came across an ornament with the Nativity scene on it. You press a button and it plays "O holy night". Instantly I said to my husband, "I want this!" So we got it.

I've been focusing more on the reason for the season these past two years. Collecting more Nativity scene decorations. I'm trying to teach my daughter what Christmas is really about. She can enjoy the presents and Santa but at the same time, know and acknowledge that this special day is Jesus' birthday. She says Christmas is a birthday party for Jesus'. I couldn't agree more.


Later today (hopefully), I wanted to go down to Michaels and get some craft stuff. I want to do a project with my daughter this weekend. Something I did in school. Something I'm sure most of us did as a child. It was making these....

With all this Christmas stuff going on and listening to the Christmas music, I seriously miss being a kid this time of year. The joy, wonder and anticipation for Santa's arrival. Being a kid with the ideas, smells and imagination of all things Christmas. It's kind of bitter sweet to me.

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Stacey said...

It would be nice to wear jammies to work!

We will be doing some crafts this weekend,too. We will also be doing some baking. Have fun!

Have a great weekend!