Friday, December 4, 2009

Does It Ever End?

Can I just tell you that this past week has been a bit too exciting for me....And I don't mean in the good excitement either.

Here's how it began....

Saturday we were having some pretty wild winds in our area. Now I've already shared here that our side fence wasn't in the greatest shape. Well, hearing the wind blowing so hard I started getting nervous about the fence again. I knew for sure the way it was blowing and how hard it was blowing, it was only a matter of time it was coming down.

Well, sure did. So now my husband is working on trying to get the fence put back together. Bummer about it is, we don't have any neighbors there where the fence fell right now so we have to fork out the money and labor on our own.

I guess this will be a nice little "man" project for my husband.


Remember on Sat when this happened?
(Yeah, I know too funny, huh??!!! :D)

Well, not more than a couple hours later did my daughter look out the front window only to find some kid breaking into my SIL's car. My daughter asked "Mommy, is Nancy in the house?" and I said yes. She then said someone was in her car so I went over to the window and looked and Nancy opened the front door and started yelling and chasing after the kid, as did my husband, which in the process, he fell and got some boo boos. He's a man though....they're nothing and doesn't want to make a fuss about it.

As the two of them are out chasing this kid, I immediately get on the phone and call 911. Let me tell you, the cops were right on it too! They were there in a matter of a couple minutes. I guess it helps living in a small town. The cops have nothing else better to do.

Apparently when my husband and SIL were out chasing this kid, they passed another kid a couple house down and he acted as if he had no idea what was going on but not more than 20 minutes later was this kid found walking around with my SIL's credit card. Apparently, he found the credit card in the street, got thirsty so he went home to get something to drink and then thought he would come and bring us the credit card back. Yeah, seems fishy if you ask me. He was probably friends with the kid who did it. Well, big mistake cause he got arrested.

In the end, they never found the actual kid who did the breaking in AND my sister can't find her car keys so it seems as if she left the keys in the door of her car and forgot about it and it was basically calling the kid's name saying "Hey you, kid...yeah you. Come in and take what you like." At least she has a spare set of keys.


Monday, my husband got off work early to pick up our daughter from school and he stopped off at home first to grab a bite to eat. When he got back into the car, it sounded like the car wasn't running on all cylinders so he shut the car off. Tried it again and same result so he called the mechanics.

Tuesday morning, we had the car towed to the mechanics. He's had it now for 4 days and wouldn't it won't make the sound for him. He says the engine sounds strong and can't figure out why it did it. We told him we wanted to do a tune-up on it since it's there but he wants to find the problem first.

See, it's a good thing we just bought the new car a couple months ago.

Then (nope, doesn't end there)....

Tuesday night I was making dinner and once we were done eating, my husband wanted to make a run to Smart & Final for his job. Before leaving, I noticed the stove was still on (I have a bad habit of not turning the stove off after dinner is prepared. Good thing it's electric. Me and gas stoves wouldn't work together.) so I went to turn it off. Then we left.

We were gone probably a half hour or a tad longer. When I pulled into the garage, I asked my husband "What's that smell?" and he said "I don't know". Then he opened the door from the garage into the house and smoke just came billowing out from the house. My husband starts yelling "Fire! Fire!" He immediately ran to the stove as I followed him. I had a pan on the stove with a plate on top of it. It's a pan that didn't have a lid that went with it. My husband turned the stove off. (Now, I know I turned it off!!!) He said the plate was glowing red too.

As my husband was opening all the windows and doors and escaping in between each attempt cause it was so bad in there, I was calling for Ozzy who wasn't coming so I started panicking thinking he was dead. (Yes, it WAS that bad in there!) Finally, my daughter noticed him laying on the couch so I went over and grabbed him and took him outside. Poor dog. He must have been so scared. Fortunately, the smoke didn't reach the floor yet. It probably went to our thighs so where he was at on the couch, he still had a little bit of time before it got to him. He's fine though, thank goodness!!!

You see, I was extremely exhausted that day. I didn't get a good nights sleep for the last couple nights before and apparently when I went to turn the stove off, it got locked in high and I didn't even notice.

Needless to say, it didn't catch on fire!! Thank goodness!!! However, the house was so filled with smoke, I honestly don't know how much longer before it would have sparked into a flame. AND...every time I pull the car into the garage, I can smell the smoke. Every time I enter the house, I still smell smoke. It will take awhile before it goes away. Too bad though cause Christmas is at our house this year. The FIRST year ever! Go figure.

Let's continue, shall we....

So, this morning at 3am I wake up to my daughter standing on my side of the bed saying "Mommy, I don't feel good". I immediately tell her to go to the bathroom cause that's all I need is for her throwing up on me.

Every 15 minutes or so from that moment on I was up with her. The time span did stretch as the time went on at least.

My husband ended up going to work while I stayed home with her until noon when he got home. That's when I left to get to work (where I am currently). Poor thing is at home sick and tomorrow she's supposed to go to a friend's birthday party. Yeah, not sure she'll be making it there. Hopefully it's just a 24 hr bug. I sure and the heck don't want it either cause I have movie plans with a couple friends tomorrow night. I guess we'll be playing it by ear.


Now, from this moment on I still have Christmas shopping to do and I have to prepare for my whole family coming over for Christmas. There will be 10 of us and honestly, that is A LOT of people for me in my little house. We have to get a couple tables to fit everyone cause we have a round table that only seats 4 and honestly, where the heck am I even going to put these said tables?? This is one of those moments I wish I had a bigger house.

Just everything I wanted to get done for the holidays isn't working out so far. I wanted to take Noodle to see The Nutcracker and I don't see that happening. I also wanted to go to Apple Hill but it seems our weekends are busy and trying to fit an all day event into our weekend is simply overwhelming me. It's just one of those holiday-ish things I love to do but missed out on last year and didn't want to this year.

I am pleased to say, I did get one gift for my daughter completed! I don't want to announce what it is on here just yet cause she tends to read my posts so I'll be sharing after Christmas, pictures and all.

So, there you have it. My life this week in a nutshell. more excitement for me like this for a while please. Oh, and a pillow and my bed please so I can catch up on my sleep.


Summer said...

Oh my word woman!!!

Are you even kidding me? You need a hot chocolate and baileys and a nice warm bath.


Stacey said...

What a crappy week! I hope things get better! Thank god, the house didn't catch on fire.

2 Toddlers and Me said...

Wow. You deserve a break! Get yourself to a spa or even out for a walk or something. My goodness that is crazy. Hope things get better.

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! I like your blog, am now following and looking forward to reading more - and hoping things look up for you!

Juggling Thoughts said...

I hope things get better for you!

I'm just stopping by from SITS today and thought I would say hello! You have a beautiful family ;)

My personal blog:

Amarie said...

As the saying goes, "When it rains, it pours!" Glad, everyone and everything is ok!

Miss. Candy said...

Wow what a week!!! I have come to the conclusion that if we didn't have weeks like that we would have nothing interesting to say or laugh about! Thinking like that is the only way I get through them! As far as the smoke smell, I am a firefighter and I hate to tell you this, but you will be smelling it for a very long time!! Think of it as a sing of character! lol! Hope you have better week!!!!