Monday, December 14, 2009

A conversation....

Every time I have a conversation with either my husband or daughter, I always say "I'm gonna blog about that" yet always forget what was said.

Well, this time I remembered! Yesterday while my daughter and I were in the car, we had this conversation.

Listening to Christmas music in the car, when "A partridge in a pear tree" came on.

Me: This is John Denver.

Noodle: That's singing?

Me: Yeah

Noodle: Oh

Me: He died.

Noodle: He did?

Me: Yeah. In a plane crash in the ocean by Monterey.

Noodle: By Monterey?

Me: Yeah.

Noodle: *silence* So, is that why the Muppets have to sing it now?

Me: *busting up laughing*

Muppets and John Denver Pictures, Images and Photos

I love these moments!! If only she would continue to say such silly things the rest of her life.


Nikki B. said...

LMAO!! that's awesome! i love blogging these conversations...those are the things i never want to forget!

every time we see a billy mays commercial, my kids say..."MOM...MOM!! LOOK!! HE'S ALIVE!! BILLY MAYS IS ALIVE!!"

lagirl/sweet tea said...

You just can't make that stuff up. It's great! I've been VERY surprised that KIDS even know who Billy Mays was. ????
Go figure!

carol said...

But then Jim Henson what. Or did he die before John Denver.