Friday, December 11, 2009

Let it Snow, let it Snow, Let it Snow

Brrr, it sure has been cold outside!

Here where I live it is a rare, and I mean a rare occurance that you see snow. Well, when we woke up yesterday morning, the news was sharing the white goodness for all to see. Unfortunately it didn't actually snow in our town however, it did in the next town over in the foothills.

It was such a grand sight too! As I was driving to work, I was able to see the mountain and all the hills covered in snow. I wish I had the day off to go take pictures. What a good day it would be to go take pictures since today is normally my day off but that won't happen either. My boss had asked me a couple days ago if I could go in for 4 hours in the afternoon. I guess if I get ready I can grab my camera and try to find a good spot to get some rare pics. We'll see.

Anyways, yesterday my SIL took my daughter after school to a local state park which had some snow. My daughter had a little bit of fun there.


Okay, since writing this, I had gone out to attempt some pictures. Only problem, I waited a day too late. Clearly I didn't get the amount of snow I had previously seen the day before driving to work. I did however get the mountain full of snow, which isn't something I have never seen before, however, the mountain is usually the ending point for the snow. It never lingers out into the lower elevation areas, which I had seen the day before.

The day I took these pictures (2 days ago), I had to go to work in the afternoon so I was limited on where I could go to get pictures before having to get myself ready for work and head out, so this is the best I can do. They all looked the same so I'll only share two.

See the blue skies? Not a cloud in it either. Which means, blue skies equals snow melting away. You see, I live in California and unless you live in the mountains, you just don't see snow out here.
(If you click on the pictures, you'll see a little snow on some of the foothills. There was so much more the day before or maybe I was just in a bad spot.)


Stacey said...

How cool is that! It looks really pretty on the mountains!

We got some snow, the other day, but I live in Missouri, so I walk out my front door and step in it!

Amarie said...

Very nice composition! That must have been a beautiful sight. We don't get to see any snow-covered mountains here, but if you want to see snow-covered skyscrapers, we've got THAT! lol

Have a great weekend! Btw,it's a lovely 28 degrees here :-).

Nikki B. said...

BEAUTIFUL!! i'm a bit jealous...we got the cold, but, no snow!

lagirl/sweet tea said...

IMO that's the perfect way to enjoy snow - from a far distance. Your photos were very clear and pretty and YES, I could see the snow!!