Saturday, August 7, 2010

Six Word Saturday!

Organizing The Garage Will Be Rewarding!

Now mind you, these boxes were lined up against the walls. I ended up taking the picture after we started.

If you're wondering, that guillotine is a Halloween prop.

Can we just say.......DISASTER!


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Nora Johnson said...

Hi again!

My 64U:
Congrats, what a lot of work!

Have a great Six Word Saturday and thanks for stopping by!

Ronnica said...

I'm not sure what that says that you had to tell us that the guillotine was a prop...

BeLoVed AiMeE said...

happy organizing,it will pay off!

Kimmy said...

In reply to Ronnica, it says that you are looking way too much into me telling everyone it is a prop. I just didn't want people thinking "What the heck do they have that for?"....that's all. We do haunted houses for Halloween at our house and it's just something odd to be having lying around in a garage, that's all. Just wanted to clarify before I got asked.

Sweet Tea said...

Oh Maay-n!!
Cleaning the garage in the August heat makes you a Saint.
"I am humbled by your photos!".