Thursday, August 12, 2010

Writer's Workshop: Friends

Mama Kat got me this week. I usually read her weekly prompts and sometimes they just don't "hit" me as when other times when they do and I would just feel the need to participate.

So, this week I'm participating. Bare with me's a tad long. I hope you'll stick with me on this one cause this one is something that is current in my life.

So, without further adu....I choose

2. I miss the friend you used to be.

I just recently found old pictures of us when we were in Junior High, 9th grade. That was the year we met. We met through a friend that introduced us cause she was the one showing you around the school since you were new. You invited my friend and I over your house for dinner but it was just me that was able to come. From that moment, we instantly became best friends. Remember?

I miss the times we had in Junior High. It was only a year that you lived here and then you moved, once again. We were such great friends that we kept in touch and wrote each other letters all the time and I would come visit you each Summer. We would do silly things together, watch 90210, swim, crank call people and even call 911 when the boys across the street mooned us. Remember?

Then there was that period where we became distant. We got into an argument about a silly, petty thing so we ended up losing touch. I missed you. You missed me. We never called each other. We never wrote each other.

Then one year for my birthday you sent me a card. I was happy to hear from you! We had a chance again and I couldn't have been happier. We were best friends again.

Then there was a period when you had a boyfriend and I had a boyfriend and we didn't call each other as much. The time together was sporadic but we still remained friends. We missed miles stones in each others lives but reconnected and caught up on what was missed.

Then you got married and I was part of your wedding. Then I got married and you were part of my wedding. We had families and we were happy! We were best friends and nothing could change that! Remember?

{Me at your wedding}

{All of us at my wedding, you and I in the middle}

Then you moved to Oregon for a year and a half and my family came to visit you twice cause I wanted to see my BFF and because you were bored and you missed everyone. We had a great time too! We kept in touch all the time.

We even took a girls trip to Vegas. Talked on Myspace and the phone. Best Friends Forever! Remember?

Then you moved back (50 minutes away, as before) and I was so happy. I thought that this would be the beginning of us always seeing each other. More than we had in the past. This was a great thing.

Then you got settled in and we still talked. Then the calls started to dwindle. I would leave messages and not get a call back. Then we planned a girls trip to S.F. It was fun! We had a great time. Just the girls.

We rarely saw each other but still, things remained good. Then I noticed you made new friends. That was great! I was happy for you but that's when I realized I was set to the side. Things remained okay. Then we planned a trip to Disneyland together. Just you, me and the kids and that is when it all changed. Terribly changed.

Was it the trip? Was it the fact that the kids kept arguing? Was this the turning point? What happened? I never hear from you anymore. I get a comment here and there on Facebook but I'm now just the old friend from years past, I feel. I felt like I was just the "convenience friend" set aside for those times when no one else was available. No longer the Best Friend I once thought I was. Remember?

Well now, I've come to terms with this. I'm okay with it too. Before I was sad and then I was angry but now I've moved on cause I have my other friends who are there for me. Who care for me and are current, present and active in my life. I call and leave a message, they call me back. We make plans together and the kids all get along. I accept my friends and they accept me back. I am so thankful for them too!

I do miss what you and I had! I miss those days. I miss being silly and creating all the memories.

I miss the friend you used to be!

I miss you


Chef Eureka said...

What a great post. I think we all have that nostalgia for days gone by. The simplicity that was our early days :)

Thank you for sharing and great pictures!!

The Mommy Mambo said...

I'm sad for you. It hurts when friends suddenly, for no good reason, jump what appeared to be a happy ship!
My BFF in college got knocked up, engaged, and almost married before I found out. I had just moved to Grad school 1100 miles away. She stopped calling/returning calls. Then I got an invitation in the mail the day before the wedding. I called her crying hysterically wanting to know why............

And she said she was embarassed and ashamed because I had my life together. A blow to the heart and a blow to how I thought I was an understanding person and I would have been their and worn whatever hideous dress required.
I hear ya.....Great post!

Shelley said...

It's always sad when friends drift apart. I'm just "getting over" a high school friend of mine and I growing apart.