Monday, August 30, 2010

The Trap...

I like Sacaramento! It has this old time, country, gold miners, 1880's feel about it.....and I like it! I've always been interested in the 1800's era anyways and then when we go to Old Sacramento to learn the history about it, it really puts me back in that time period.

Then we go to the state fair and it doesn't feel so 1800's.

However, this weekend my hubby and I were invited to a little "hole in the wall" bar for some BBQ. It's my husband's - friend's - wife's - dad's place. Did you get that?!

Anyways, it's called The Trap and indeed it is a "hole in the wall" and it gives off that old time, country, 1800's feel....and I like it!!!

{Sorry, tried to get the picture bigger but this is what I have to work with without distorting it}

On the way out there, we dropped our daughter off at my BFF's house out in Stockton so that she could play with her friend's while my husband and I headed to Sacramento for a couple hours.

I'll admit, I was nervous. I didn't know anybody there. Sure, my husband had his friend but I had never had a full on conversation with him before. My husband knows him from his job cause he delivers there and they became friends during this time. A simple "hello" was pretty much the extent of a conversation I had with this guy. So going to this bar to hang out with everyone who knows everyone was making me a little nervous but I wanted my husband to be able to hang out with one of his friend's for we went. I'm so glad we did too cause I felt at ease once we got there and settled in.

Take a BBQ potluck with lots of good food, tri-tip and pool tables, mix it with laid back, friendly people and you've got a great time! Indeed, we had a great time too!!

We stayed there a couple hours and then headed back for our daughter. Once we got to my friend's house, we hung out there for a couple more hours.

It was a great night! Great weekend!

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Jules said...

I love it when a day turns out like that. So glad you had a good time in that tiny little place.