Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Bit of a Scare...

Every Wednesday I go to Bible study after work. Yesterday was no different than any other Wednesday....but it was.

Around 8:45pm we started to wrap things up and was closing in prayer when all of a sudden, my cell phone goes off. NICE! {Embarrassing too}. So, what do I do? I mute the ringing. Well, not more than a few seconds later my phone starts ringing again, so I look to see who it was. Sure enough, it said "Home", so I answer it.

I figured it was just my husband wanting to know "What took?" but instead, when I answer it I can hear panic, crying, confusion and then this was the conversation...

My husband: "Can you please get home now?!"

Me: "Yeah! What's wrong?"

My husband: "I don't know, Ozzy {our dog}. Somethings wrong with him. I don't know. Just get home quick!!"

Me: "Okay, I'm out the door!!"

I get off the phone and my mind is racing. I have no idea what's happening, only thoughts of what could be wrong from past pets. Ozzy has been fine but for some reason, the last few days something has been bugging me. Like I have some weird sixth-sense with my animals and can always tell something is gonna happen. You know, how animals get when an earthquake is gonna happen right before it happens? Well, that's basically how I've been the last couple days with Ozzy. Never saying anything to anyone, just observing him with worry. I know he's 11 yrs old but he's given no indication that something is wrong.

So once I left the church and was walking to my car, I called home again to see if I could get any more info from my husband. My daughter answers. She was trying to explain but because she was crying and hysterical, I told her to give the phone to daddy cause I couldn't understand a word she was saying. My husband gets on and you could tell he was really upset also, but at least I could understand him. He said he thought Ozzy had a seizure, and then explained what happened.

Once I got off the phone, I started rationalizing what could have happened. For the last couple days, it has been the two hottest days of the year here in California, 107-110. Maybe he was just overheated. Yeah, that makes sense!

So once I got home, he was completely fine! He was his jumpy, excited self. My husband actually thought he was going to die cause he was so stiff, legs straight up in the air, head twitching and completely unresponsive. For my daughter to have to see our dog having a seizure like that, what a tramatic experience for her. She is so worried about him now. She didn't even sleep well last night that she slept in our bed with us cause her tummy was upset. :o(
Anyways, all through the night, he was fine. Then this morning my daughter said "Mommy, last night Ozzy felt really hot but today, he feels cooler." So, I'm just hoping this isn't the start of something terrible to come, just that he was overheated and I need to keep him hydrated and cool.

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Nikki B. said...

poor oz! i hope it wasn't anything brewing, and something simple like the heat! and poor baby girl to see her pup that way!