Friday, August 6, 2010


Wow....I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last posted. A lot has gone on....such as....

1. I had my birthday on Sat, which by the way, thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes!! My day was, well...a mix match of good and not so good. Ultimately, I'm here, I have my family and everyone is healthy so really, what more can one ask for, right?!

2. I started bible study at my church. Went to my second class on Wed. I'm really enjoying it too! I feel I'm connecting with my faith and I've already had a few debates and feel I've done really well for myself whereas in the past, I would more or less choke.

3. We've had some personal things going on that has now started to subside and things are moving in the right direction. This week I just felt completely overwhelmed by everything that I needed to do along side just regular life stuff. I sort of went off at one point cause I couldn't take it. Fortunately, my husband dealt with my outburst better than he normally does. Maybe cause I was nearly in tears.....who knows. By next month though, we should be able to take a deep breathe and more or less be able to start fresh with life!

4. Now that my baby girl is back in school, 3rd grade (geez, where has the time gone? Really?), I started volunteering in her class. This is something I've done since she was in Kindergarten. I enjoy having this time with her and I'm able to keep an eye on her progress too!

5. Speaking of her progress, we just got her Star Test results in the mail yesterday. She is advanced in EVERYTHING!!! I am so proud of her! I see a reward coming on.....(tba soon!)

6. My husband and I started to work on our garage. Oh, the dreaded garage. Needless to say, I'm a pack rat. You wouldn't know it until you step foot in my garage. Well, yesterday we went to Lowes and bought 10 of those storage tubes and a shelving unit. Yeah, so this is a big project. I also see a garage sale coming too.

7. This week I did a practice photo shoot with a friend's niece. She's a beautiful young girl who is an aspiring model. She was a great model and I had so much fun! I was nervous at first cause I've never taken photos of anyone over the age of 8 so this was a challenge. I feel I did really good and I'm already getting positive feedback. You can check them out on my website (click the icon below), then go to Gallery II. They will be the first several photos.

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Well, I hope everyone is doing FABulous! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'll see ya back here tomorrow for my weekly Saturday post.

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