Saturday, August 14, 2010

Six Word Saturday!

BBQ/Potluck Today With My Friends!

We've been seriously trying to get a BBQ together with a bunch of our friends but because we are always "go, go, going" that we never have time. Then last year in September we had a weekend planned and confirmed with our friends but the week before, a couple of our friends were in a horrible motorcycle accident, so of course it got put off.

Since our friends are doing really good {almost a year later and they use canes and Michael is pretty much out of the wheelchair}, thank the good Lord!!, they will be able to come over for the BBQ!

Anyways, we're gonna have around 20 people here which is a lot for me. We usually don't do this sort of thing except for my daughter's birthday. We're looking forward to it though! It should be a good time!

Hope everyone has a FABulous weekend also!


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misssrobin said...

Isn't it amazing how tough it can be to get together sometimes?

Glad you got it worked out this time. I hope you have lots of fun with good friends and great food.

Found you through SITS sharefest.

Lynn said...

that sounds like fun! I'm glad your friends are doing so well. I know those things can take a long time to recover from. Praise God! Have a great time!

...stopping by from SITS!

Sweet Tea said...

You have a lot to celebrate with your friends who went through such a terrible ordeal. Hope you have an awesome time!