Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Prayers Needed!

Hi everyone! I have a couple friends, they're husband and wife, Mike & Anna. They went up to Reno this past weekend for the annual Street Vibrations cause they have a Harley. Unfortunately, as they were about to stop for lunch before heading home, they were in an accident. They are both on ICU at the hospital in Reno.

Apparently they were riding the bike, Anna on the bike holding Mike, when a Acura pulled out in front of them. Anna went airborne over the vehicle while Mike slammed right into the car. Now, in terms of Anna's injuries, I'm getting two different stories. One, I'm being told she has two fractured legs where the other story is that the one leg actually had the bone sticking out when their friend went up to help her. I believe that one more since it's coming from someone who actually was there.

Anyways, as for Mike, he has broken ribs, nose is busted up, both arms are broken as are his legs. One leg was shattered all the way to the hip. They were worried that they may have to amputate the leg but they got it stable after a couple surgeries. Only worry now is the foot to that leg. He has poor circulation so they are still trying to save it. Otherwise, they'll have to amputate it.

I have made myself available to them as they just live right around the corner from me. However, I'm still really concerned cause they have 4 children. One who is only a year old.

I'm really worried about them. They just bought a house and now with Mike in the situation he's in, I'm not sure how it looks for him in going back to work. If you are the praying type, please, please, please keep them in your prayers!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Here is the article on the accident. It mentions a couple accidents but they are the 1pm accident.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekend Fun....And Pictures!

This past weekend as I had previous shared, we stayed the night out in San Jose because we had the Sharks game and the Miley Cyrus concert to go to, both at the same venue. We thought it would be best to just stay out there so that we didn't feel rushed and since it's about a 70 min drive for us, we thought no point in going home after the game only to have to drive back out there the next day.

So, we drove out there Saturday. Had dinner at a cute little place called the Sonoma Chicken Coop. It was a little confusing at first cause you don't get seated and then order. You look at a menu, then you go up to a counter like at a fast food joint and order. Only thing is, it doesn't look like a fast food place. You can eat indoors or on a large patio that has a Tuscan feel to it. It's also very cheap and yummy.

After dinner, we headed to the sharks game. It's only a pre-season game but I got some great fighting pictures!! The best part, right?!

(Yeah! Kick his butt!!)

Back at the hotel. There was a pool and because my child is RELENTLESS about going swimming, we made sure the next morning we got up early enough for her to go before we had to check-out, which was at 1pm.

Once it was time to leave, we made our way to the Valley Fair Mall. We wanted to pick up a memory card for the binoculars that my mom was lending the kiddo. After walking around, we decided that we wanted to see if there was some sort of sports bar or restaurant that had sports on so my hubby could watch the football game. We stopped in The Cheesecake Factory but it didn't look like it had the game he wanted to watch so we made our way across the street to Santana Row. It's a upscale shopping strip with a hotel and eateries. It's very posh and.....expensive! (Too expensive for us!)

As we are walking, we see some big buses, as in possibly tour buses. "Hmmmm...I wonder?" is what I was thinking. There were some band looking guys sitting out front of the hotel too. There were some guitars and all. I was so tempted to ask one of the guys but I chickened out. Also, we saw a couple young blond hair girls with these funky boots on. They looked to be 7-10-ish. The girls got into the bus. Meanwhile, hotel staff was bringing out all the luggage.

We walked down to the end of the strip then turned around and walked back. We were looking at the buses and it had an address on it of Tennessee. Well, Miley's from Tennessee. So, I just had to ask. I went up to this bald guy, who by the way had a southern accent, and asked if the buses were Miley Cyrus's and he said yes, that the one in front of us was the family's bus. He proceeded to say that Miley wasn't there that she was flying out. Okay, now I'm not naive. I know the girl just had a concert in Oakland on Friday, so I highly doubt she's gonna fly home while everyone stays out here and then fly back. Sorry, not buying it, buddy!

Anyways, how cool, right?! The kiddo was so excited! Only thing was, I didn't have my camera handy either. Oh, but good thing for cell phones!

Their luggage!!! LOL Oh, and that's the bald guy on the left that I talked to.

Kiddo in front of the tour buses! There's two there.

So, as we were walking back to The Cheesecake Factory, we had to stop at the light to wait to cross the street. As we were waiting, Miley's tour bus passed right by us and all of a sudden, kiddo blurts out "I just saw Noah Cyrus! That was Noah Cyrus on the bus! Oh my gosh, I just saw Noah Cyrus!!" BTW, if you don't know, Noah Cyrus is Miley's little sister, who in fact was one of the little blond girls that we saw walk in front of us earlier. You know, the ones with the funky boots. Oh, and it looks at though my child just might be following in my "star-strucked" foot steps.

Anyways, in the end, we never found a place that had sports on so we went back to The Cheesecake Factory and ate there. Then onto the concert it was!

While we were waiting in line to get into the venue, this older guy gets in line behind us. Just him, by himself with his bright orange sneakers. Don't know what that was about. Anyways, he had this plastic bag with something in it. It was weird and suspicious. He kept asking us questions. He just seemed creepy though. A late 50's early 60's guy, going to a Miley Cyrus concert all by himself just screamed Pedophile.
THEN, to top it off, there was some religious group there protesting the Miley Cyrus concert. Now, come on!!! I'm a Christian but these guys seriously give Christians a BAD name. Telling us that our kids are gonna go to hell if they "idolize" Miley Cyrus. WOW! I guess our children can't listen to another child's music, otherwise they're gonna go to hell?? I'll leave it at that and blog more about my frustration with this subject here.

Meanwhile, I have my camera bag with my camera in it. The bag looks like a purse though. I had my camera hidden in there hoping the security wouldn't do a thorough job of checking. Once it was our turn, I got some nosey guy searching us that he saw my camera and refused us entrance with it. FOCKER! Meanwhile, creepy dude is being searched right after us.
We get out of line and take the lens, camera body and stuffed it into my hubby's cargo shorts. Right on for cargo shorts!!! LOL So, we got back into line and that guy was still being searched. I think the security thought the same thing we did. Need to keep their eyes on this guy! Anyways, we go to another guys line and we got right in!!

We went to our seats and then my daughter decides she hungry (again) and my husband wants another beer so the two of them go down to the food place while I sit and wait. As I'm waiting, who comes into our section? That's right....Creepy guy! Out of probably over 17k seats, this guy has a seat BEHIND us?? Now I'm just creeped out. He sat there with his Miley calendar and rocked back and forth to the music with this smile of a young boy infatuated with a fellow classmate. Gross!!

Once the concert started, I got camera happy. I had to be careful though cause the security was standing on both ends of the aisle and I didn't want to get kicked out or have to stop using the camera. Everytime I would pull it out, my husband would lean forward to block the camera. I would just go "click, click, click" and before I knew it, the concert was over, the memory card was full and I had over 800 pictures of the concert!!

I have to say, my husband thought that this was one of the best weekends we've had in awhile. We were able to relax, have fun and enjoy each others company without rushing. I have to agree with him! Creating these memories together are what life's all about!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This, That and an Award!

I was watching Dr. Oz the other day and found out some very valuable information. That info, in case you missed it is this, Close the toilet lid before you flush! I never thought that the water particles along with the other undesirable stuff in the toilet could float in the air for up to 2 hours as well as 20 ft. So if your toothbrush just so happens to be sitting on the counter, well, you just may want to pop that sucker in the dishwasher for a nice HOT cleansing like I did. Ewwww!! Can we say GROSS?!


We have been using a website that I wanted to share with all of you. It's http://www.restaurant.com/. You can choose what city in your area and it will list the participating restaurants. It won't be a chain though like Red Lobster or Chili's. Just your local restaurants. We just bought $200 worth of gift certificates for $8. That's right....$8!! And no, it's not "too good to be true" either. There was a code that we used and it gave us over 90% off. We already used 2 of our gift certificates so we know it's legit. How cool is that, right?! Well right now, the new code is for 60% off so I wanted to share that with you all. You have to register for the website but it is totally worth it. Just enter "ENJOY" in the code section. Click here to get started.


Movie news! Now that Shark's season has taken off, I have begun to put in my Netflix queque all the desirable movies I get to watch at MY leisure. One I just watched was Caroline. Cute movie with Shirley Maclaine and Julia Stiles. Only thing was, I'd already seen it!! *head shake* Duh! Right now I have Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon half watched. It's such a long movie that I had to stop it cause I started watching it so late that I fell asleep. Not because it was boring, just because I'm not a night owl.

I currently have 10 movies in the queue. Maybe I should just start a weekly movie update to let all my fellow bloggers know what's good and what not to waste your time with. Hmmm? We'll see.

Also, I'm planning on taking my daughter to see "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs". It looks cute and plus it's in 3-D. The hubby wants to go also so we'll have to make it a family outing.


I've taken on a big thing this year. Well, more like my daughter volunteered us. This year we are having Christmas at our house. Normally we go to my parent's house. I really enjoy going over there cause my parents decorate very nice and festive and plus, it just brings back childhood memories for me. So warm and cozy! BUT...not this year. Now, I only need to figure out how to accomadate everyone since we have a round table that only seats 4 people. Our house isn't big at all (1169 sq ft) and there will be maybe 8 people. Doesn't sound like many people but if you saw how small my kitchen space is, then you would understand. I'm going to take this challenge and run with it though!!

I also plan on baking more this season. I have a Weight Watcher recipe book with some delicious dessert recipes in it so I'm quite excited!


Now, onto the Award!! I have to THANK with the highest gratitude, Becky over at The Wife of Riley. What a treat it was to see I had won an award!! Thank you so very much!

This one has rules.

1. Each Superior Scribbler I name today must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving bloggy friends.

2. Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.

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5. Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

Here are my choice for the Superior Scribblers:

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I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Since I'm out this weekend, I'll hopefully be able to bring back some awesome pictures to share.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Six Word Saturday!

miley cyrus Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, Shark's game. Sunday, Miley Cyrus!

(Head over to Cate's to join in the fun!)

I'm actually pretty excited! I know this concert is mainly for my daughter and the Shark's game is for my husband but I have grown to enjoy watching hockey, more so than any other sport and as for Miley, well, I just enjoy her music anyways and know just about all the lyrics to her music. We have decent seats too. I'm hoping to sneak my Canon into the concert. We'll see. As for the Shark's game, I'll have my camera handy. Also, both the Shark's game and the Miley Cyrus concert are actually playing at the same place so we have decided to stay the night out in San Jose. This is gonna be fun!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend doing the fun things you enjoy doing!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Writer's Workshop: 3 Things in Life

It's that time again for Mama Kat's weekly assignment. This week I've chosen to do:

5.)If you could only focus on three things in life and pursue them fully, leaving everything else, what would they be and why? (inspired via tweet by Sarah Mae from
Like A Warm Cup Of Coffee)

What three things would I choose to focus on fully in life? Hmmm? Let's see...

1. Family
Why? That's easy. Family is the most important thing to me. Without them, I would be lonely, lost, empty and sad. My daughter is the new life in me. She creates a newness in my life. She captures my heart. She is everything and I've taken on life in a whole different aspect because of her. As for my husband and my immediate family, they let me be me. They accept me for me. They love me for me. They don't try and change me. They understand me and I need that. I've changed over the years and they've embraced that and accepted it. I love them dearly and without them, life wouldn't be the same.

2. Photography
Growing up I always wanted to be an Interior Designer. I wasn't passionate about anything else. That's what I wanted to be. Then I got older and never went to college and lost the passion. Felt unsure of myself. Thought it was too competitive to even bother. Then as the years went by, I would take random pictures of this and that and got compliments and at first I thought "aw, thanks" and never thought anything else. Then as I would take more and more pictures, the more the compliments came. Then I really started to get inspired and I have become to love taking pictures over the last several years, more than I ever did. Then one day while in San Francisco's Pier 39, my husband, daughter and I went into a gallery of landscape photos. That's when it hit me. "This is what I want! I want my own gallery." Then I just got my Canon this past Christmas. I still have that gallery in my mind but I have been moving slowly, trying to learn all the different techniques and effects of the camera. Next year I plan on taking my first photography class with a girlfriend of mine. Some day I hope to grow this passion into a business.

3. God
As I occasionally posting here, which I need to more, I have been moving closer to God. He's always been apart of my life but I never followed God's word the way I need to. I did things I should have, talked in a manner I shouldn't, listened to toxic music and I'm slowly trying to make that change. God has been patient with me yet he has always been there for me...answering my prayers. My faith has gotten stronger and I would just like to embrace my faith more as I feel I as a person will become a better "me".

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A lesson learned....and some pics!

So we made it to Reno this past weekend. I was so excited to get there and take pictures of all the beautiful balloons. I was hoping to get up at 4am but that didn't work out. I ended up only getting 4 hours of sleep. 2 hrs, woke up for an hour and then 2 more hours. (I got an extra hour sleep once we got back.) I ended up waking at 4:30am not hearing the alarm clock cause I was so tired (thanks to my husband for staying out until 1:40am, but whose counting anyways? ME!) We still had to drive to the local mall to catch the shuttle bus. By the time we got to the place, the Dawn Patrol had already started and were ready to go up in the sky. It's the balloons that are lit up in the dark and they do lighting patterns and stuff. Needless to say, I was a bit bummed about that. The couple I did get I'll just have to be happy about. I just know for next time. Plus, to get more sleep so I can function better.

I'm posting some of the best ones, I feel, out of the 200 + that I took.

What Was She Thinking?

I have to say, Lady Gaga has a style all her own. That's for sure! I like a few of her songs too. But when I was watching the VMA's Sunday night and I saw her for the first time during the night, I couldn't help but laugh, as did my husband. Mind you, we hadn't watched the whole thing. We came in to the Beyonce performance. Which by the way, I love that song!!

"All the single ladies, all the single ladies, all the single ladies, all the single ladies, now put your hands up"

Anyways. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Lady Gaga.

So, at first we saw her, we didn't know who it was but then it dawned on me.

If you ask me though, it looks like a lion's mane gone bad.

What do you think?

I'm still asking myself, "What the heck was she thinking???? LOL

Friday, September 11, 2009

Six Word Saturday!

Hot Air Pictures, Images and Photos

BTW, I did not take this picture.

(Head over to Cate's to join in the fun!)

Photo Opportunity

Back in the late 80's, my mom, her friend, my friend and I used to go to Clear Lake. On our many drives out that way, we would drive through Napa. On a few occasions we would see the hot air balloons. I always thought how beautiful it was. All the colors and it just was so fascinating, at the same time.

For the last few years I have been wanting to go to Napa to see the hot air balloon. Make the drive out early in the morning. It's so beautiful out there as it is. Add the colorful balloons and you've got a perfect opportunity to get some gorgeous photos. It just hasn't worked out though.

Well, my husband brought to my attention a few days ago that Reno will be having The Great Balloon Race. We had already been planning to go out there, last week to be exact, for the rib cook-off. Since my husband was sick, we didn't make the drive out there. (No sir-ee. We just made the drive to the State Fair...lol)

Hopefully this week we'll be able to get this trip in the works. I would sure love to get some nice photos. Only thing is, most of the hotels I would like to stay at are booked. Then you got the "not so great" ones that are available. Perhaps I'll just pack me some extra sheets and blankets.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

So, I originally started this blog post out as "Here it is, my last day to my 4 day weekend. Yes, I'm a bit sad too. It seems to always go by so quickly, doesn't it? Well, I did have a good time while it lasted." however, I finally just got back to finish it. That was Tuesday. I've been busy, I guess you can say.

Anyways, to catch you up to speed, this is how our weekend went...

On Saturday, we decided to go car shopping. We went to one dealership which I found a very nice car that I liked and no other car was interesting me after I found this car. It was a 2008 Pontiac G6 GXP. That's basically how this whole week has been spent, really. Going to different car dealerships.

In the end, yesterday we drove out to Modesto. Yes, the home town of the notorious Scott Peterson. That's irrelevant though. Anyways, we finally left a dealership with a car. A 2006 Pontiac G6. Yah, cause it was getting tiresome.

On Sunday, we went to the California State Fair. It's something we do every year. The best part is going to all the stuff that is for sale. Love looking and buying and taste testing all the yummy dips and smoothies and whatever is there to taste test!!

Anyways, we didn't get there until 5:30p. We only like being there a few hours anyhow and the best time is when the sun is going down so we don't bake in the sun.
Once we first got in, we saw a military airplane that was perfect for a photo-op for the Noodle. So she went over and waited in line.
As I'm taking pictures, I hear something going on right behind me.

This is what I saw.

And this.

It seemed like a bunch of guys wanted to get in the action. Lame!

Once the guy lying on the ground here in the photo, got up, I noticed his head. I didn't take any pictures once he got up but later I looked to see if I got his head trauma in any pictures.....

And I did.

That is NOT good AT ALL! Hopefully this guy is okay!

After leaving that area, quickly I might add, we heading to where all the vendors sell their stuff. They also have an area where the different counties in the state have a display.

This one was for Mendocino County.

One of the cool things was, there were apparently four rides that were from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch there at the State Fair. We were looking for them and we found one.

The sign for the ride.

After being at the fair for 4 hours, we left to go eat a very late dinner. We started our way to my favorite place, The Cheesecake Factory but then my husband got an idea and remembered Guy Fieri from the Food Network, his restaurant that was there in Sacramento called Tex Wasabi. We saw the episode for Diner's, Drive-in's and Dives where he was there at his restaurant. So we headed down Arden Way to find it and not more than 5 minutes later did we arrive.

My baby in front of the Diner's, Drive-in's & Dives sign.

The next morning while my husband went to work, I decided to take my daughter out to breakfast. Her choice.....IHOP. We had a nice time together too!!

Later, after breakfast we decided to go take pictures. It's so hard to take pictures out here I feel because I don't want to take the same scenic photos. I only have one child so it's the same child in the photos. You know what I mean.
Anyways, here are some pics from that morning.

And, a few days before those pictures, I took these...
(My daughter cracking up)

( My dog, Ozzy!)

I'm so glad I got this post done, got a new car taken care of and the husband's SJ Sharks will be back on TV, so things will be going back to normal and I will be found on here more!!