Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

So, I originally started this blog post out as "Here it is, my last day to my 4 day weekend. Yes, I'm a bit sad too. It seems to always go by so quickly, doesn't it? Well, I did have a good time while it lasted." however, I finally just got back to finish it. That was Tuesday. I've been busy, I guess you can say.

Anyways, to catch you up to speed, this is how our weekend went...

On Saturday, we decided to go car shopping. We went to one dealership which I found a very nice car that I liked and no other car was interesting me after I found this car. It was a 2008 Pontiac G6 GXP. That's basically how this whole week has been spent, really. Going to different car dealerships.

In the end, yesterday we drove out to Modesto. Yes, the home town of the notorious Scott Peterson. That's irrelevant though. Anyways, we finally left a dealership with a car. A 2006 Pontiac G6. Yah, cause it was getting tiresome.

On Sunday, we went to the California State Fair. It's something we do every year. The best part is going to all the stuff that is for sale. Love looking and buying and taste testing all the yummy dips and smoothies and whatever is there to taste test!!

Anyways, we didn't get there until 5:30p. We only like being there a few hours anyhow and the best time is when the sun is going down so we don't bake in the sun.
Once we first got in, we saw a military airplane that was perfect for a photo-op for the Noodle. So she went over and waited in line.
As I'm taking pictures, I hear something going on right behind me.

This is what I saw.

And this.

It seemed like a bunch of guys wanted to get in the action. Lame!

Once the guy lying on the ground here in the photo, got up, I noticed his head. I didn't take any pictures once he got up but later I looked to see if I got his head trauma in any pictures.....

And I did.

That is NOT good AT ALL! Hopefully this guy is okay!

After leaving that area, quickly I might add, we heading to where all the vendors sell their stuff. They also have an area where the different counties in the state have a display.

This one was for Mendocino County.

One of the cool things was, there were apparently four rides that were from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch there at the State Fair. We were looking for them and we found one.

The sign for the ride.

After being at the fair for 4 hours, we left to go eat a very late dinner. We started our way to my favorite place, The Cheesecake Factory but then my husband got an idea and remembered Guy Fieri from the Food Network, his restaurant that was there in Sacramento called Tex Wasabi. We saw the episode for Diner's, Drive-in's and Dives where he was there at his restaurant. So we headed down Arden Way to find it and not more than 5 minutes later did we arrive.

My baby in front of the Diner's, Drive-in's & Dives sign.

The next morning while my husband went to work, I decided to take my daughter out to breakfast. Her choice.....IHOP. We had a nice time together too!!

Later, after breakfast we decided to go take pictures. It's so hard to take pictures out here I feel because I don't want to take the same scenic photos. I only have one child so it's the same child in the photos. You know what I mean.
Anyways, here are some pics from that morning.

And, a few days before those pictures, I took these...
(My daughter cracking up)

( My dog, Ozzy!)

I'm so glad I got this post done, got a new car taken care of and the husband's SJ Sharks will be back on TV, so things will be going back to normal and I will be found on here more!!


Stacey said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I can't believe they were fighting at the fair. You can't go anywhere anymore without someone causing a problem.

Nikki B. said...

what awesome pics!! i love the peace sign one! friggin cute!

i wanna be your kid. she is gonna be so cultured and well's ridiculous!! i'm jealous!

and apparently, she might learn a little about street fighting, too! wow!

{Diamond} said...

GREAT photos, Kimmy! That whole weekend would have been like a dream vacation for me - even the fighting! Geesh, I need to get out more LOL.