Friday, September 11, 2009

Photo Opportunity

Back in the late 80's, my mom, her friend, my friend and I used to go to Clear Lake. On our many drives out that way, we would drive through Napa. On a few occasions we would see the hot air balloons. I always thought how beautiful it was. All the colors and it just was so fascinating, at the same time.

For the last few years I have been wanting to go to Napa to see the hot air balloon. Make the drive out early in the morning. It's so beautiful out there as it is. Add the colorful balloons and you've got a perfect opportunity to get some gorgeous photos. It just hasn't worked out though.

Well, my husband brought to my attention a few days ago that Reno will be having The Great Balloon Race. We had already been planning to go out there, last week to be exact, for the rib cook-off. Since my husband was sick, we didn't make the drive out there. (No sir-ee. We just made the drive to the State

Hopefully this week we'll be able to get this trip in the works. I would sure love to get some nice photos. Only thing is, most of the hotels I would like to stay at are booked. Then you got the "not so great" ones that are available. Perhaps I'll just pack me some extra sheets and blankets.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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The Wife O Riley said...

Good luck! I hope you are able to go on you trip.

I have an award for you.