Thursday, September 3, 2009

That was so WRONG!!

This week, Mama Kat put out her weekly prompts. Now, originally I was gonna go with the #5 prompt but in the midst of typing it, something came over me and I thought to myself "I better not write that". To give you a clue: MIL and advise. Yeah, I better not!

Let's move on now, shall we.

So instead, I've decided to go with #1. (Oh yeah, and if you want to participate, head over to Mama Kat's.)

Here we go, Write about a time when I was wrongly wronged. That's an easy one. Why? Because I can NOT for the life of me let this one go. Oh yeah, I hold grudges, by the way.

Okay, let's see here. When did this take place? Maybe around 1995-ish? My husband (fiance at the time) and I went over to my friend's apartment. It was her (let's call her "Wendy"), her boyfriend (we'll call him "Bo") and their little daughter. We had stopped over there to visit and after being there for a short bit, my friend started to fix dinner. Mexican food. Yum! However, I didn't expect them to feed us. Well, apparently they were short on some items. My husband offered to take "Bo" to the store. They didn't have a car. Generous of my man.

So, while I'm there with "Wendy" and her daughter visiting, my man takes "Bo" to the store. While at the store and in the checkout getting ready to pay for the items, "Bo" realizes he doesn't have enough money to pay for everything. It comes up to be $7 more than what he has. Since my man is kind, he gives "Bo" the $7 to help him out. No problem, right?!

Okay, so they get back from the store and continue to fix dinner. They pull out a fold-out poker table and start to set it. Then, during all this, "Bo's" friend comes over (we'll call him "Richard"). "Wendy" asked "Richard" if he would like to have some dinner with them. He said "sure". So she proceeded to set the table including "Richard". So, looking at the table setting, there were four plates and four sets of utensils to go with them. See where this is going??

At that point, my man and I are sitting on the couch looking at each other thinking "Uhh, rude?" Again, I didn't expect them to feed us but when you invite someone else to eat the food that my man just helped pay for and not invite us, that in my book is WRONG on so many levels!!

We continued to look at each other trying to figure a way how to quietly sneak out of there. Only problem was, the table is situated right in front of us.

We decided to just get up and get the heck out of there. Just when we got up, "Wendy" asked, "Oh, did you guys want something to eat?" Are you friggen kidding me???? "Uh, no thank you!!!!!!" UGH!!!


Nessa said...

Wow!! that is so ridiculous I couldn't help but laugh.

Stacey said...

How rude!

*Kat* said...

Some people are so dense sometimes - you have to wonder where manners have gone?

lagirl/sweet tea said...

Talk about tacky!
The nerve!!