Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekend Fun....And Pictures!

This past weekend as I had previous shared, we stayed the night out in San Jose because we had the Sharks game and the Miley Cyrus concert to go to, both at the same venue. We thought it would be best to just stay out there so that we didn't feel rushed and since it's about a 70 min drive for us, we thought no point in going home after the game only to have to drive back out there the next day.

So, we drove out there Saturday. Had dinner at a cute little place called the Sonoma Chicken Coop. It was a little confusing at first cause you don't get seated and then order. You look at a menu, then you go up to a counter like at a fast food joint and order. Only thing is, it doesn't look like a fast food place. You can eat indoors or on a large patio that has a Tuscan feel to it. It's also very cheap and yummy.

After dinner, we headed to the sharks game. It's only a pre-season game but I got some great fighting pictures!! The best part, right?!

(Yeah! Kick his butt!!)

Back at the hotel. There was a pool and because my child is RELENTLESS about going swimming, we made sure the next morning we got up early enough for her to go before we had to check-out, which was at 1pm.

Once it was time to leave, we made our way to the Valley Fair Mall. We wanted to pick up a memory card for the binoculars that my mom was lending the kiddo. After walking around, we decided that we wanted to see if there was some sort of sports bar or restaurant that had sports on so my hubby could watch the football game. We stopped in The Cheesecake Factory but it didn't look like it had the game he wanted to watch so we made our way across the street to Santana Row. It's a upscale shopping strip with a hotel and eateries. It's very posh and.....expensive! (Too expensive for us!)

As we are walking, we see some big buses, as in possibly tour buses. "Hmmmm...I wonder?" is what I was thinking. There were some band looking guys sitting out front of the hotel too. There were some guitars and all. I was so tempted to ask one of the guys but I chickened out. Also, we saw a couple young blond hair girls with these funky boots on. They looked to be 7-10-ish. The girls got into the bus. Meanwhile, hotel staff was bringing out all the luggage.

We walked down to the end of the strip then turned around and walked back. We were looking at the buses and it had an address on it of Tennessee. Well, Miley's from Tennessee. So, I just had to ask. I went up to this bald guy, who by the way had a southern accent, and asked if the buses were Miley Cyrus's and he said yes, that the one in front of us was the family's bus. He proceeded to say that Miley wasn't there that she was flying out. Okay, now I'm not naive. I know the girl just had a concert in Oakland on Friday, so I highly doubt she's gonna fly home while everyone stays out here and then fly back. Sorry, not buying it, buddy!

Anyways, how cool, right?! The kiddo was so excited! Only thing was, I didn't have my camera handy either. Oh, but good thing for cell phones!

Their luggage!!! LOL Oh, and that's the bald guy on the left that I talked to.

Kiddo in front of the tour buses! There's two there.

So, as we were walking back to The Cheesecake Factory, we had to stop at the light to wait to cross the street. As we were waiting, Miley's tour bus passed right by us and all of a sudden, kiddo blurts out "I just saw Noah Cyrus! That was Noah Cyrus on the bus! Oh my gosh, I just saw Noah Cyrus!!" BTW, if you don't know, Noah Cyrus is Miley's little sister, who in fact was one of the little blond girls that we saw walk in front of us earlier. You know, the ones with the funky boots. Oh, and it looks at though my child just might be following in my "star-strucked" foot steps.

Anyways, in the end, we never found a place that had sports on so we went back to The Cheesecake Factory and ate there. Then onto the concert it was!

While we were waiting in line to get into the venue, this older guy gets in line behind us. Just him, by himself with his bright orange sneakers. Don't know what that was about. Anyways, he had this plastic bag with something in it. It was weird and suspicious. He kept asking us questions. He just seemed creepy though. A late 50's early 60's guy, going to a Miley Cyrus concert all by himself just screamed Pedophile.
THEN, to top it off, there was some religious group there protesting the Miley Cyrus concert. Now, come on!!! I'm a Christian but these guys seriously give Christians a BAD name. Telling us that our kids are gonna go to hell if they "idolize" Miley Cyrus. WOW! I guess our children can't listen to another child's music, otherwise they're gonna go to hell?? I'll leave it at that and blog more about my frustration with this subject here.

Meanwhile, I have my camera bag with my camera in it. The bag looks like a purse though. I had my camera hidden in there hoping the security wouldn't do a thorough job of checking. Once it was our turn, I got some nosey guy searching us that he saw my camera and refused us entrance with it. FOCKER! Meanwhile, creepy dude is being searched right after us.
We get out of line and take the lens, camera body and stuffed it into my hubby's cargo shorts. Right on for cargo shorts!!! LOL So, we got back into line and that guy was still being searched. I think the security thought the same thing we did. Need to keep their eyes on this guy! Anyways, we go to another guys line and we got right in!!

We went to our seats and then my daughter decides she hungry (again) and my husband wants another beer so the two of them go down to the food place while I sit and wait. As I'm waiting, who comes into our section? That's right....Creepy guy! Out of probably over 17k seats, this guy has a seat BEHIND us?? Now I'm just creeped out. He sat there with his Miley calendar and rocked back and forth to the music with this smile of a young boy infatuated with a fellow classmate. Gross!!

Once the concert started, I got camera happy. I had to be careful though cause the security was standing on both ends of the aisle and I didn't want to get kicked out or have to stop using the camera. Everytime I would pull it out, my husband would lean forward to block the camera. I would just go "click, click, click" and before I knew it, the concert was over, the memory card was full and I had over 800 pictures of the concert!!

I have to say, my husband thought that this was one of the best weekends we've had in awhile. We were able to relax, have fun and enjoy each others company without rushing. I have to agree with him! Creating these memories together are what life's all about!

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Molly said...

What a fun family weekend! Awesome to see the tour buses! You little gal will always have that story to tell!
I LOVE Santana Row. I don't ever buy anything, but love walking around there!