Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Prayers Needed!

Hi everyone! I have a couple friends, they're husband and wife, Mike & Anna. They went up to Reno this past weekend for the annual Street Vibrations cause they have a Harley. Unfortunately, as they were about to stop for lunch before heading home, they were in an accident. They are both on ICU at the hospital in Reno.

Apparently they were riding the bike, Anna on the bike holding Mike, when a Acura pulled out in front of them. Anna went airborne over the vehicle while Mike slammed right into the car. Now, in terms of Anna's injuries, I'm getting two different stories. One, I'm being told she has two fractured legs where the other story is that the one leg actually had the bone sticking out when their friend went up to help her. I believe that one more since it's coming from someone who actually was there.

Anyways, as for Mike, he has broken ribs, nose is busted up, both arms are broken as are his legs. One leg was shattered all the way to the hip. They were worried that they may have to amputate the leg but they got it stable after a couple surgeries. Only worry now is the foot to that leg. He has poor circulation so they are still trying to save it. Otherwise, they'll have to amputate it.

I have made myself available to them as they just live right around the corner from me. However, I'm still really concerned cause they have 4 children. One who is only a year old.

I'm really worried about them. They just bought a house and now with Mike in the situation he's in, I'm not sure how it looks for him in going back to work. If you are the praying type, please, please, please keep them in your prayers!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Here is the article on the accident. It mentions a couple accidents but they are the 1pm accident.


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lagirl/sweet tea said...

I am "the praying type" and I will pray for your friends. That is so tragic. Hopefully with good doctors and the fact that they are young, they will mend. God is in the business of tending to the impossible. Thanks for bringing them to my attention, Kimmy.