Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's New...

These last few weeks have been really busy. There have been so many things we've had to work on, things we started but then haven't finished and things that are coming up.

For instance, we started working on the garage about a month ago and needless to's not done. We got at least one car in the garage. Just the majority of the stuff is to be Goodwilled or we'll have a garage sale for. Not sure yet.

Then we bought a new desk and that room is still a little out of order since the desk we did have was bigger which means more "stuff" so now we have to find a place for all that "stuff".

Then we've had some personal things that have been going on and tasks that have needed to be completely but we just kept putting it off until this past weekend. Finally, done! Such a weight was lifted. We still have another week or two until things will be officially done though. Can't wait.

Then this weekend I finally got a new cell phone. We use those "pay as you go" phones, to save money. The phone I had before was nothing special. It had a camera but I hated the texting. It frustrated me to no end. I would type and it would put different letters so I would complain to my husband. need to complain anymore....

And it's still a "pay as you go"! $25 a month, no contract! SCORE!

So of course my kiddo had to get "up close and personal" with the camera" to test it out.

Because honestly, is there really any other good reason but to make fish lips?

But then again, I'm sure she didn't really think I would post these on her.....or did she?!

So, in an attempt to learn how to load some pics to Facebook, I thought I better take a picture of my hubby and I to practice with.

17 pic loads later.....of the same few pictures....I think I've got it down. Finally!


Crystal said...

I soooo suck at texting. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Amarie said...

Cool!! I just love new gadgets :-D!