Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Now Envision...

This is what I once envisioned.

But now....

I am a mom and a wife who takes on those duties that most wives do. We run errands, take the kid(s) to school, goes to work, volunteers in school, cleans the house, goes to church and bible study and the list could seriously go on and on.

My desires now revolve around these sorts of things. These things to make it easier but also enjoyable. I love my life. We are a very active family. We enjoy camping, hiking, dining, exploring, going to the movies, riding our bikes, walking, listening to music, taking drives, traveling, making memories.

So when I think of where I want to live, these things come to mind. I desire to find a place to live that can allow us to do these things. Where we live now is fine for now. It won't be where we will live forever though.

I desire to have a brand new house, or close to it. I envision having a nice, peaceful neighborhood where the community gets involved to have neighborhood events. I envision a house where we have a dock out in the back to take some canoes out. I envision a neighborhood with lots of parks and trails to walk.

We have found this place too! It's in the same town we live in, just a 15 minute drive away. It's out in the boonies too.....and I like it! Now, we will just continue to save our money for the next few years so that we can buy one of these lovely pearls!

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