Friday, September 3, 2010

I Once Envisioned....

We went to the city over the weekend. We don't usually make it out that way too often because we're always so busy. We had to take my in-laws to the airport so since we were already out there, might as well take the advantage to stay out there. So we went to the Exploritorium but first, we made our way to Lumbard Street.

I totally felt like a tourist in my own area.

I got pictures and I'll share in a later post.

My daughter has never been to the Exploritorium before and she simply loved it! So many hands on things to explore. Very educational also. We had fun! I was really hoping to get some awesome photos of The Palace of Fine Arts but it's under construction so I didn't get to. Perhaps the next trip out there.

My husband and I have been there before but never took our daughter until now and I'm glad we did. She's already for the next trip there.

As we were driving home though, driving through the big, tall buildings, it made me think and remember something. As a young girl, I had always envisioned myself living in a big studio apartment. You know the ones that were completely open with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the cityscape.

SF Skyline Pictures, Images and Photos

The kind that had hardwood floors throughout, modern kitchen and a simple couch backed up to the windows with the long drapes. I always envisioned this apartment at night. Giving it that sophisticated evening ambiance.

CA living area Pictures, Images and Photos

As I grew up, things have changed and so has my ideas and desires. I'm no longer that little girl that envisions myself in a city studio apartment. No. I'm a different person. I'm that mom that now envisions being in a traditional single family home in the suburbs who has other ideas and desires. I'm a woman who now envisions one day......

{To be continued...}

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