Thursday, January 6, 2011

Checking in the New Year...

Can I just say, that was a much needed break. Seriously! What was it....something like 2 1/2 weeks?!. Honestly though, I didn't have the need, desire or anything to want to do with my blog. I haven't even read but a few blogs this whole time. Heck, I haven't even spent much time here in our computer room, which is out of the norm. I've been mostly playing around on the netbook.

One reason for my absence though has been the fact that I spent 6 days out of 9 dealing with a migraine. I even went to the doctors to get meds. Although THAT was a bust....

Check this out....I took my prescription to the pharmacy and they tell me it's gonna cost me $217.90 for 9 pills......9 PILLS!!!!! WHAT?! I. think. NOT!

So I go home, call the doctor to see if they could prescribe me something cheaper and what happens? The friggen doctor never calls it in!! Okay, sure...maybe I could have called to remind them (although I shouldn't have to) but mind you, this doctor had been my husband's family doctor for years and then one day, the rest of my husband's family (excluding us) decided to part ways, for whatever reason. However, we continued to go and ever since, the doctor seems to be bitter and has treated us differently. Well, I will be parting ways after this. last week on Tues. I was watching Dr. Oz and what do I see? I find he is covering rebound migraines. The 3 things to look for in a rebound migraine, I have/do all three (1. Wake up with them; 2. meds don't work like it used to; 3. take it more than 15 days a month). So there you go! So, what I have been doing now for the last 9 days, cut the Excedrin. I normally would take up to 8 Excedrin's a day, everyday. After watching Dr. Oz, I have only taken it one day out of the past 9 days! WOO HOO! I have struggled but I am on the road to feeling better!

The other reasons I've been MIA is, well....the holidays, spending time with my family, I've gone to my daughter's Christmas school performance, church performance, dinner with my parents, gone to see 3 movies (Tangled, Gulliver's Travels, & Little Fockers), dinner at my grandpa's for the holidays, went out to lunch with my lovies, been making dinner more, shopping for Christmas, going out to breakfast on Christmas, visiting with the in-laws, Bible study, working (which with tax season, I'll be working more), relaxing, stayed overnight in Old Sacramento for New Years.....and I've enjoyed every minute of it too!!

Oh yes....and my latest obsession??

Yeah....never gets old!! :D

Okay, so are some pics from my time away.

Never a dull moment!

It's good to be back! Until next time....


Actuary Mom said...

I'm glad you are feeling better, migraines are the worst, and I've never had one for more than a couple days.

Amarie said...

Wow! You obviously had a great time, and the hiatus was worth it! And glad to hear you're feeling better. I'm praying for you, that it works, and you can conquer those awful migraines on your own.

Jennifer said...

Looks like you had a wonderfully relaxing time with your family!! Loved all the pictures!!

And I'm so sorry about the migraines! Hubby and I both get them, but not nearly to the severity of yours. I'm glad you're feeling better!