Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Morning from hell

I just got to work and needed to let off some steam here. As I write this, my heart is racing and I find I have to keep taking deep breathes to relieve the stress I'm feeling right now.

It all started at home when I woke Sabrina up to get ready for school. I helped her pick some clothes out, which I think will become a nightly thing now cause I hate having to ask her between her being so groggy and shutting her eyes, "how about this" and I get "uh uh". After a few tops and shorts I tell her "I'm just gonna pick something out if you can't" which at that time she finally decides quickly.

I then go into my bathroom in my bedroom to continue getting ready myself. Meanwhile, I have the morning news on so I can watch for the traffic report so I can decide which route to take. I happen to notice on the news they were showing a cute little otter. I guess it was something they were going to talk about after the commercial break. My big mistake was that I said "Awwww, an otter" which got Sabrina to come in to see it however, she didn't get there quick enough that she missed it. At that moment I notice she STILL isn't dressed. Dude!! What the hell is she doing in there??? I'm like "Get your butt in your room and get dressed!!" She says "But I want to see the otter". I told her I wanted her to get dressed first cause it was almost 8am and then she can see the otter. She replies to me that she's just a little girl. LOL (it's funny now but it wasn't at the time). I say "You're six years old. You are more than capable of getting dressed. You have no problem any other time". She goes in her room and comes back and sits at the entrance of my bedroom (mind you she's still isn't dressed). I then tell her to get her clothes and bring them in my room and get dressed. So as I'm washing my face, I peak in my room to see if she's dressed yet. She wasn't so I turned the TV off. At this point I'm yelling cause she begins to tell me in a whiny tone "But I want to see the otter" and keeps repeating herself and starting to throw a tantrum. That's right..A TANTRUM! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told her that she is six years old, not two and that she always makes a point to remind us that she is six and that she better start acting like it. I also tell her when she acts like this, I am not going to reward her by letting her see the otter on TV and that all she had to do was get dressed. She hurried and got dressed as I was trying to get ready myself. She then says "I'm dressed", basically wanting me to turn the TV back on. I think NOT! "Brush your teeth" is what I told her. I'm so fed up at this point, I don't want her to see the otter at all. Maybe this will teach her next time. She starts to brush her teeth and whining at the same time about how she wants to see the otter. "You don't know when to quit about the otter, do you??" I yelled. I had to leave the room and make her lunch cause I just about lost it at that point.

A couple minutes later Sabrina comes into the kitchen and asked if she could now see the otter on TV. I said NO cause I should not have gotten that upset just to get her to get dressed. UNACCEPTABLE!! When I told her no, she started to get upset again and so I sent her to her room. As she went to her room she was screaming. OH HELL NO!!! I hurried down to her room and put her on her bed and I kneeled down to her level and explained to her why she was in trouble. (Now, one of my friends had told me that she was watching Nanny 911 and one of the disciplinary actions they tried was having the child write in a notepad why they were in trouble and how they would fix the problem for next time, so I've been trying this myself.) So at this point I grabbed the notepad and gave it to Sabrina and told her to write about why she was in trouble. She did and once she was done she came to me and read it. Basically it gave both of us some time to calm down. She was in her room reflecting on her behavior while I was FINALLY able to get myself ready.

Paul ended up having to take Sabrina to school as I was now running late. Before they left, Sabrina kept hugging me as if she was really sorry and just wanted my acceptance and love. She'll always have that cause no matter what, I still love her to pieces, just not the tantrums!

Now that I had a chance to "reflect" (LOL) here on my blog, I think I feel a little better too! Maybe now I can have a better day! Hope all of you have a better day than the way mine started out :O)


Denise said...

SO not looking forward to the tantrums. I get mini ones that last a few seconds now. NOT looking forward to the big ones! :(

You handled it wonderfully mama! :)

By the strike through... i do the < s > in front of what I want to strike through and then < / s > after it (but no spaces). Hope that helps!

leiahi said...

I've watched Nanny 911 and think it's a life saver and fair. It is very challenging to work and raise a child in these hectic times, so Bravo!
It's ironic that your migraines started 6 years ago and Sabrina is 6 if I'm correct. Hormones could play a part but Nanny 911 to the rescue! Very popular show. I tape all my special shows to watch at my leisure.
I used to get and sometimes still do I imagine, rebound migraines from taking meds daily. You know that over the counter meds count also. I just work my way out of taking them everyday as the stress gets less. My motto is first to get out of the pain, then figure out what caused it.
I love you and hope my experience helps.

Aunt Linda