Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scaredy Cat!

As a child, I was shy, timid and very passive.

I tended to keep to myself.

While at home, I was a goofball though.

I loved the camera, just being myself to my family.....a "ham" as my mom would call me.

In being myself with my family around, I wasn't afraid to be "afraid".

You ask, What was I afraid of?

Well, what most kids are afraid of....


Dark eyes Pictures, Images and Photos

At night time when I would go down the hall I would get scared, so I would turn the light on. Sometimes I found myself trying to be brave and go down without the light. However, I remember a few occassions where, when I went to turn on my bedroom light, the lightbulb would go out so I bolted down the hall, thinking some little monster would come out of my closet, which was right next to the light switch, and come after me. So I would run just to reach the entrance to the kitchen cause that was where my parents were able to see me. I felt safe knowing nothing could possibly happen when I was in the view of my parents.

Funny thing is, some things never change.

Okay, so maybe I'm not the extreme as I was when I was a little kid but I have to admit, I'm still afraid of the dark (HEY....don't judge!). It's pretty much when my husband isn't home at night, which is very rare. However, in those rare moments, I feel childhood behavior creep up on me.

With Halloween literally around the corner, what a perfect time to share what things you are afraid of!

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Sweet Tea said...

Needles and any and all types of medical procedures.
They all scare the Bejeebers outta me!