Thursday, February 9, 2012

Writing Workshop: The Grand Finale

1.) Who was at your front door? (inspired by fam mum slim)

Who was at my front door? Well, honestly, we haven't had anyone come to our front door in a while. Either that, or someone has and because we're always on the go, we missed them. Ya know, the last person at my door was probably one of those Pizza Guys employees putting a coupon flyer on our front door.

2. Start with the phrase “Ten years ago on this day, I was…” (inspired by Business 2 Blogger)

Ten years ago on this day, 2/8, I was 5 months pregnant. It was a Friday so I worked. I was so excited too. I probably even did my daily internet check on Since we were first time parents, we didn't even find out what the sex was, a pretty exciting time!

3. If you give a Mom a Blank…a post written in the style of the children’s “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” books. (Inspired by Creative Kristi)

If you give a Mom a couple uninterruped hours, depending on the woman, she'll either do some cleaning, go shopping, take a little nap, read, play on the computer or maybe even go for a walk. However, THIS Mom would watch a movie!

4. Without social media I…(inspired by a belle, a bean & a Chicago dog)

Without social media, I would probably get more stuff done. lol I notice, when I just "pop" on for a "few" minutes, it seems to turn into a half hour or even longer. Sometimes, I will be in the middle of doing something and get sidetracked to check maybe a status or see if I have a comment and there goes another half hour. I know, I know....Pathetic! I'm sure I'm not the only one out there...hmmm??

5. A poem for your valentine.

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

The day wouldn't be the same

If I didn't have You.

So many memories

Each and every year

Some not so good

Others even more dear.

A special little girl

We share this day with now

A special love we have

Simply changes it all somehow.

As we each grow older

We learn a wise lesson

Trust and communicate

Cause marriage is a true Blessin'!

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Amarie said...

I definitely feel you on #4! Cute poem! :)