Thursday, February 2, 2012

Writer's Workshop: High School

What was I like in High School?

Well, to be perfectly honest, nothing like I am today.

Okay, I take that back. Not exactly who I am today, just maybe a hint of who I am today.

Too confusing?

Well let's see here...

I was always referred to as "Bobby's little sister" so to be who I was really got overshadowed by who I was referred to as.

{My brother and his bff, Anna at her house}

Everyone knew my brother. He was the cool dude in school. He was part of the stoner group but you could also say he was popular.

Me on the other hand, I was shy and reserved. Nervous or timid and afraid to say anything stupid and look like a dork. Always worried what others would think of me. I never really talked unless you were my friend. Then I was very bubbly and silly. Love to laugh and be a "ham", as my mom would call me.

While in my first year of high school, 10th grade, my brother was a senior. In one of his many annoying moments where he thought it was so funny to pick on me, he decided to spit, yes...spit, gum in my hair. I had to go to the office so they could cut that gum out of my hair. I couldn't wait until he graduated!

Then my junior year began and as always, each time a new school year would begin, I would get all nervous and scared that I wouldn't have any friends in any of my classes or I would be a "loner" at lunch. I made friends though, a few. The only few I would really talk to cause I didn't talk much. I ended up making friends with stoner type people who smoked and just "chilled" cause they were less judgmental. Even though I never smoked, apparently people thought I did though cause when I walked into class, I guess I reeked of it. Yuck! Also, people thought I was stuck-up because I never talked.

Today on the other hand, I'm still shy more or less around people I don't know. I still am bubbly and silly and love to be a "ham" however, I'm also a lot more outspoken. I'm totally ready to tell you what I think if you make me mad and I do NOT care what people think of me.


May said...

That long beautiful hair and he spit gum in it? Not right....just not right!

Patrice said...

You were a cutie, that's for sure!

Amarie said...

You were ADORABLE! Love the hair! :D