Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recipe Time!

Today is Tuesday....

which means I have the day off...

which means I get to watch whatever I want while the hubby is at work and my cutie pie is at school.

So, whil I got ready I was watching one of my favorite channels...

Oh yes!

I love food so of course I'm gonna love the Food Network......uh, hello??!!

One of my favorite chefs on there is

Sunny Anderson on Cooking For Real

She's so cute! I love her spunky and smilie personality.

Her name totally fits her :o)


Today she was making a quick pear tart.

I kid you not, there were so few ingredients, I was able to remember what was in it and how to cook it. Easy shmeasy!

So what do you think I did?

I went to the store, bought the ingredients and made it!

Yes I did....

and it was yummy!!


Yum Yum!

In fact, it reminded me of when we went to Disney World in 2010 and while at Epcot, we went to France and ate at a little cafe with pasteries. We got an apple tart. It was yummy too!

Only difference with mine was, I left out one ingredient.

Cheddar Cheese.

Yeah, I wasn't so sure about that so I opted not on that but you can try it.


If you want to try it and you can by just clicking right here.

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