Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project 52 * Week 2

I meant to start this 2 weeks ago but life happened.

Doesn't it always?!

So, before week 3 officially starts {tomorrow}, I'm gonna squeeze in my Week 2's photo!!

Last week...okay, so maybe 2 weeks ago I took this picture but hey, I'm using it for week 2 {close enough} so I don't lag anymore than I already have :o)

AND.....if anyone knows me and my photo style, they'll know I don't like to edit buuuuuut, I edited this one :o)

This was actually taken with my cell which usually doesn't take the greatest photos but with a little editing, it actually gave that vintage feel I was looking for!


Now, if you like taking photos and want to join this project, go check out Amarie's site, Tickle My Whimsy!

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Amarie said...

Hey, Kimmy! Thanks for joining! And remember, you can jump in and out at any time! Linky opens at 9am my time (6am your time?)so don't forget to come by today and add your photo. He's a feisty looking little guy, by the way LOL!