Saturday, January 7, 2012

A New Years to remember...

Last year for New Years, we went to Old Sacramento. We stayed in a hotel to avoid being on the streets with drunk drivers. That was the most we had done for New Years in many years. In fact I would have to say, that was one of the best New Years in terms of going out and doing something.

Well, I think we got last year's a long shot!!

What better place to spend the start of a brand new year than.....

However, it didn't start off good. Well, not in my book anyway,

We weren't actually in the park. We were right in the corridor to Disneyland and California Adventure. By the time we drove out there, the park was full. That's okay cause we didn't plan on going in anyways cause our season passes are blacked out on NYE.

As soon as midnight struck and the fireworks went off {which btw, we couldn't really see cause all the fog}, we made a mad dash to the shuttle bus station. We got to our spot about 12:03am. We were able to see our spot as we were walking to it. Not a bus in sight. We wait.....and wait.....and wait some more. As we waited, we noticed all the other shuttles picking up their people. In fact, some of the stations were able to pick up their people more than once. Meanwhile, not one bus came for our station.

Finally, a half hour later, a bus pulls up. I go to get on and the driver says "This is bus 15A". Well, we needed 15B. How convenient. At this point, I'm freezing, tired and beYOND pissed! I asked the driver when bus 15B was supposed to arrive and he said it arrives on the hour. I quickly informed him we were at the station on the hour and bus 15B was NOT! He called in to find out where our bus was and he told us another 5-10 min. Well, our bus finally arrived at 12:48am. I was so grumpy at this point I was about to have an adult tantrum, so I decided to just keep my mouth shut. Meanwhile, I was screaming in my head.

Our whole intention was to get back to the hotel by 12:30 to get to bed to be at the park by 8am. We didn't actually get to bed until about 1:30 or 2am.

The next morning we got up.....dragging myself but I got up.

I bet you can't even tell I was grumpy either?

I was!! Very grumpy!

For the first part of the morning, anyways.

{If you're wondering why my daughter's fingers were crossed, she was avoiding the "cheese touch"! Not sure what that is? Watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid.}

We had fun as the day went on. Crowds weren't too bad. Assuming most people were hungover. :o)

We went with a friend and her two girls. Behind my daughter and her friend was our friend and her other daughter.

We're in the front two rows. Of course, my daughter is the crazy one!

My hubby and I are in the very back row and our kiddo is of course, front and center!

Upon one of my fears, we conquered Mickey's Fun Wheel. Not in just the stationary cage either. I'm sure my screams were heard across the park too!

Funny story....

Remember I mentioned the "Cheese Touch"?

Well, while at California Adventures, my daughter and I were giving random people the cheese touch. You basically touch someone and say "cheese touch". I have to say, the looks on people's faces were so hilarious!! Priceless moment.

We hit Autopia cars and I even drove while texting this picture to Facebook!

We were at Disneyland until the 3rd. To be honest, as the days went on, the crowds got bigger. By the last day there, we were so ready to go and get away from this....

I'll tell you, dealing with this kind of crowds takes a toll on my body and makes for a grumpy hubby.

I still love Disneyland though!

How was your New Years?

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