Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Want Candy!

My daughter has a couple little friends who live behind us. They're sisters. They are 9 and 5 yrs old. I've mentioned them before.

The 9 yr old is very quiet and reserved around us while the 5 yr old is very spunky and outgoing. Honestly, she isn't afraid to say or ask anything.

Why do I say this?

Because every time, and I mean every time, that little girl asks the same thing every time she comes over here.

What does she ask for?

My daughter just told her that her dad got rid of all it. So she asked if she got some from Christmas. Then as they were just walking out to go next door, I hear her ask "Can I have one?" and my daughter says "No, that's a cough drop." lol If no one told me, I would think she never gets candy or something over there.

Hey, I'm not judging, trust me cause my daughter gets lots of candy from people, birthdays, holidays, you name it but because I'm so set on her not eating too much of it as it's, 1.) not good for you, 2.) rots your teeth and 3.) too much can be a very bad thing. So when she does get lots, it usually sits there and then ends up getting thrown out. We don't deprive her, it's just in moderation.

It's funny how kids have a one tracked mind though. :o)


Amarie said...

Poor little thing! She's probably not allowed to have it. I agree with you, it's not good to deprive kids, but give them things in moderation. That way, they're not at the neighbors, asking for candy lol. And let's face it, they're gonna get it some how, some way lol.

Sweet Tea said...

Sometimes a "sweet tooth" begins early. I like candy too and I like it too much. Kids are funny, aren't they?