Thursday, March 15, 2012

Writer's Workshop: It happened at Disneyland

It happened at Disneyland.

Yes, we were at this magical place, filled with laughter and smiling faces!

But then something happened.

Being here, we are among kids. Kids all around but also our own kids....okay, and myself.

It was me, my husband, my daughter and our friend and her two daughters.

My daughter and I as well as our friend's two daughters reflected on a trip we had taken to Yosemite and a funny incident that took place. So we started to play out that funny incident again, just in a bigger way.

I don't recall who started it but for all I know, it could have been me, yes...ME. Hey! I'm a kid at heart too, ya know.


As we were in line for a ride, I remember one of us oh-so-slightly touching a nearby person and claiming....wait for it......wait for it.....


That's right! From that moment on, as we were racing from ride to ride, we were randomly touching people as they passed us and yelling out CHEESE TOUCH!

It was so funny! We couldn't stop laughing. With the strange looks we got from people to people getting startled.

It. Was. Hilarious!

Then, later in the evening at California Adventure, we were in line to get some ice cream and my daughter touched the young boy in front of us and said those words and the look on that boys face was priceless. He looked panicked. Didn't know which way to go and then, he touched his grandma and said CHEESE TOUCH! We started busting up laughing.

Good times. Good times!

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