Sunday, July 22, 2012

A New Journey!

Could it be so?

I didn't even post once in June? be honest, I think the change Blogger has made has something...okay, it has EVERYTHING (some what) to do with it. I don't like the changes and it's just left me wondering "WHY? Why change a good thing?"

Change is good....sometimes.

Which is what leads me to today's post.

A month ago my husband lost his job. Not because of anything he did but because the restaurant owner lost his business. My husband worked for this company for 21 years. In fact, we're friends with the owner. My husband gave our friend advise but never took it. It's very unfortunate too. So this loss has been a very bittersweet event in my husband's life.

During the closure of the business, my husband went to our friend/owner and asked him for his permission to make an attempt himself to reopen the location so that he (my husband) could make ends meet so that he could provide for his own family (us). Our friend approved and so it the journey began....

Honestly, I feel this opportunity was placed in our laps. I feel it was all in God's works also!


It's amazing how God works things out for the good!

We just opened as a "soft opening" on July 19th to work out some kinks and changing products to what "works". We'll have our Grand Opening next month with the Chamber of Commerce, ribbon cutting and the local newspaper. We're pretty excited!!

We've been without my husband's paycheck for over a month now which is a little scary and nerve wracking but I have complete faith in God that he will take care of us!

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Sweet Tea said...

I've been thinking about you and wondering. . .
I pray this opportunity is the beginning of a GREAT successful business for you and your husband
New things are always a little frightening.
Best of luck and hope to see you here in Blogland more often now.