Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday "To Do" List!

Every year I plan a bunch of things to do as a family during the holidays.
Every year that list never gets completed.
It's not that I don't put lots and lots of effort into completing it. It's just that, there isn't enough time in the two months we have during the holidays to complete it.
Here's my dilemma....
My husband and I own a restaurant. Okay, sure, we haven't owned it that long (since July) but my husband works just as many hours now (if not more) than he did before the restaurant closed and we bought it. He works 7 days a week. If he gets a day off, it's Sunday. So, working these fun and exciting events just so happen need to work around his schedule.
He will sometimes work until noon, which allows extra time in a day than a normal work day, but certain things on the list require an early morning start.
So....the list remains unfinished.
This year I have so many fun things planned, yet I continue to struggle with the notorious question, as every year...How will we get to fit all this in??
The Plan:
1. The Charles Schultz Museum

A couple years ago I took my daughter to the Charles Schultz Museum while my husband was in Michigan. I've been really wanting to take him also. What better time than during the holidays!
2. San Francisco's The Nutcracker
Last year I took my daughter to a local presentation of the Nutcracker, and while it was really good and fun, I want to take her to the one in San Francisco for the experience of dressing up and maybe going to dinner in the city, as well.
3. Apple Hill


Up in Placerville, there is this lovely country area with several different farms with many different fruits and Christmas trees for sale. They have specialty stores and shops to buy the local delights. It's been a good few years since we've been but this year I vow to go! This one is on the TOP of my list. Plus, we did kind of promise to take our daughter and her friend this year....and I don't like breaking promises ;o)
4. Ice Skating


Yeah....we've been really bad about this one. We have a really nice outdoor mall and every Thanksgiving/Christmas season, they set up the ice skating tent and each year my daughter begs us to go. Every year we tell her "Not today. Maybe later." I don't want to do that to her this year. She won't be a little kid forever and I want her to have and savor these memories!
5. Disneyland


Okay...you knew this one was coming, right?!
Our season passes actually expired back in May, I think. However, Costco has 4 day park hopper passes for sale with a $50 Costco gift card included. So...we bought them with the intent to upgrade to the season passes again! Half the price is already paid for...woo hoo!
Only thing....we will have to wait until after the first of the year to go. That's okay cause we will still be there when the decorations are still up!
6. The Great Dickens Christmas Fair
We've been to this a couple times. It's so much fun! It's like stepping into another era....the era during Charles Dickens. I guess you can say it's like the Renaissance Fair, just during a different time. The food, the costumes, crafts, music and shops is wonderful....so much fun!
Now that you know my list....do you have a Holiday "To Do" list??

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Amarie said...

You can buy Disney passes at Costco? Wow lol! Good luck with the list. Even if you just get a few done, it's better than none. :)

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