Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Must-Have's

I love sharing my current "must-have's" for each season. I feel as if it's the kick off of the season to come and to help me in preparing myself to gather up all the goodies for the season.

A couple weeks ago I got an email from Bath & Body Works advertising their deal at the time so we made our way over on the last day of the sale to stock up on some Fall favorites for my soap.

Oh yes...and the Carmel Apple smelled so good!

Among others that I grabbed.

One of my kiddo's friends who lives behind us had a school fundraiser of carmel apples. We've never really been one to eat them, maybe because it seems like a lot of work to eat, so we don't but this time we thought we would help out a little kid.

We bought the Apple Pie Ala mode and it was so delish that my husband said "I don't understand why we don't buy those more". Well, maybe it will become a Fall tradition?

Yep, I am excited to announce that it's that time of year again where Disneyland has geared up for some Halloween fun! Every year they would do the Halloween Trick-or-Treating at California Adventure but because they're doing a major overhaul on it, it's been moved to Disneyland instead.

We're not sure if we'll do the trick-or-treating because they charge an additional $59 per person to get in (compared to $15 per person when they first started it).

However, one of my favorite things is when they turn Space Mountain into Ghost Galaxy!! Oh yeah!!

Even though it's still in the 90's here in California, I still like to have my blanket with me in the evenings. Especially once the heat cools down and I've got a good movie to watch.

Which brings me to some good movies! I love watching movies in the evening. Grab some popcorn, hot tea, my pillow and blanket and it's snuggle time with a good flick!

Lastly, we just received our season tickets for the Shark's games. As much as I can care LESS about watching the sport on tv, I have to admit...going to the hockey games are so much more fun! Plus, since HP Pavilion is in Downtown San Jose, we love to hang out before the games and go to dinner first. Lots of fun!

Now that Fall is approaching, what are your "must-have's"?


Amarie said...

90's?? Wow, we haven't seen that kind of weather since July, I think, and THANK GOODNESS! We were in the 100's for a few days. I always look forward to your seasonal picks! You guys are always doing something fun! :-D

Sweet Tea said...

We're still in the 90's too.
I hate to see summer leave so I'm still claiming it for as long as possible, but when I must admit it is Fall I enjoy lighting all my candles in the evening, grabbing my favorite blankie, and sipping Candied apple cider...You are so lucky to leave near Disneyland!!