Sunday, September 25, 2011

Key West (Day 3)

Our final "full" day in Key West was a fun one!

We went to breakfast in the morning and then decided to take a walk down Duval Street for a fun little adventurous treat (you'll see what that is in a sec) for the day.

I wish I could say we enjoyed our walk but that is an understatement.

The majority of the way to our destination was to be desired.....the sun just beat down on us the entire time. So once we got to where we were walking, you can bet your booty, we were thrilled to get cover for the short amount of time we were gonna have it. It would soon get better though!

I kept falling behind though cause I kept taking pictures along the way.

{You can see my husband and daughter way up there}

But we finally reached our destination and needless to say....we were pretty excited!!

That's right....we rented mopeds!

My husband got a double for him and our daughter

While I got my own! I had never ridden a moped before but that was okay....I learned very quickly.....and it was FUN!!!

We cruised around the island...

Taking pics along the way...

Even made it to the Southernmost Point of the Continental USA.

Then we headed down to Smathers Beach for a swim.

Enjoying the beautiful turqouise ocean.

We even saw an iguana walking out in the open, minding his own business.

Then we decided to "scoot" along to show our daughter a cruise ship in person cause she has never seen one "live" and in person to see how big they really are.

After that we decided to get a treat to cool ourselves off.

Honestly though, this had to be one expensive treat!

Here at home we will spend on an average about $8-10 for frozen yogurt for the three of us.

Key West? $26!!

Well, I guess we were on vacation, huh?!

One thing about Key West I loved was that roosters and chickens roamed the street and it was the cutest thing EVER!

*I used to have pet chickens so that's why I find them adorable.

Right before we had to return the mopeds (and before the rain started, literally right after this picture was taken), we made our way to Ernest Hemingway's house for a quick pic. Unfortunately, we never made it inside. Perhaps next time.

Then we had dinner at Sloppy Joes and enjoyed some live music.

Before the trip was over, we promised to take our daughter to the Key West Toy Factory.

It was a fun toy store. It actually reminded me of the store in that movie, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.

They had so many cute things. We just couldn't buy them as we were limited on luggage space.

Then we finally called it a night to get ready for our 3 hour drive the next morning up the Keys to Miami for lunch and then our flight out of Fort Lauderdale.

Come back to see our final day on vacation in Florida.

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nancygrayce said...

How cute that in the picture where you fell behind, your daughter was looking back to make sure you were there!

Even living in Florida my whole life, I have never been to Key West. I do want to go someday. (Before I'm too old to walk around)