Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Secret is out!

{Vacation in progress....}

That's right...we finally did it!!

I talked about it here but never thought it would actually happen....but here we are!!

Since we are only going to be here until Tuesday, we had to make sure we had everything planned out ahead of time so we didn't end up walking around looking like a couple (or trio...the kiddo is with us!) of lost tourist wondering the streets. What we have lined up is snorkeling, dolphin watching, sunset cruise and parasailing.

It gonna be a blast!!

Oh yeah....if you're one to watch webcams, here's one where we'll be.


Sweet Tea said...

I'm screaming - can you hear me??!!
What a wonderful vacation and I can't think of anyone more deserving. Can't wait to see photos! You must have REALLY loved it if you hubs is wanting to move there. Wow!!

Amarie said...

You came to the east coast and didn't come up north to visit me??? LOL! Just kidding! This time of year, you would have had a MUCH better time in Florida than in NY! And Brian McKnight?? *SWOON* :-D