Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Planning again....

As always, here in our little abode, we tend to plan vacations more than the average person....so I hear :o)

In fact, my boss jokes around all the time about how we're always going places. This past week, he told me "I just don't understand how you guys do it." That was after I told him on Wednesday that we were just in Los Angeles the day before. As he thought about it, he replied with "Wait a second, you were just here at work on Monday." That's right!

THEN.....right before our 4 day weekend here, Friday he says to me as he's walking out the door, "So, where are you going this weekend? Europe?! You have 4 days to tackle that." LOL

Okay, so we like to travel! Life is short, doggone it! Live it up!!

So, where do we have next on our little travel itinerary?

key west florida Pictures, Images and Photos

That's right, baby!! Key West! {Oh, how I miss thee!!!}

That's where we spent part of our honeymoon 10 yrs ago and we loved it!

So.......we have a 4 day weekend coming up in Sept. for Labor Day and we still have our Southwest credits to use up before Oct 3rd, so why not??!!!

Sure, it's not set in stone yet but it surely is set in our minds!! :o)

Yes, we would be taking our daughter but we figure there is enough to do for a couple days. One being...... to relax!! Enjoy the beach, some Conch, take in some Key Lime pie, hit the glass bottom boat and take her to the SouthernMost Point in the U.S. Oh yeah, and get on the webcams we love to watch on occassion. In fact, we even saw my brother and SIL on it once during their honeymoon 7 yrs ago.

So, here's to planning vacations and to hopefully using up our credits in good ol' Key West!!

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