Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's cool on tv....

While on Facebook, I hear all these mom's complain about being sick and tired of watching their children's shows. That if they see another episode of Spongebob, their gonna lose it.

I'm not like that!

In fact, I get lost in the shows sometimes. In fact, while watching Phineas & Ferb, my daughter caught me staring at the this....

with my mouth open

{just without the 3-D glasses, of course}.

My daughter said to me "What?"

Confused, I said "huh?"

She says "You're staring at the tv with your mouth open" as she begins to laugh.

See?! These shows aren't that bad! It takes me out of reality for just a little while. :O)

In fact, here are the shows of choice around my, that would be until 5pm....

Besides Phineas & Ferb, there is....

♥ Spongie!

With Victorious, I even have a favorite character....

Cat! She's such a ding dong!

Cute little show with a cute little girl!

iCarly. This one I'm actually starting to get bored with though.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching my own shows also and get tired of watching these shows if they've been the only thing on all day, however, I don't mind them. I won't "lose it", per se.

So, are you as cool as me and like your kids shows also?!

Which ones?!

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Sweet Tea said...

I totally love "Drake & Josh". What talents they are. Sh! This can be our little secret. :-)