Friday, July 15, 2011

Funny little things she says....

Ya know, I originally had this post ready and scheduled. Then I had a doubt, asked my husband if I should post it and he said that if I had a doubt, then maybe I shouldn't.

So I deleted it.

Then yesterday while chatting with a friend, I came to the ultimate decision to post it.


Because these are one of those things that I want to remember when I'm 60 yrs old. It's one of those things that my daughter would like to share with her child. It's those funny little things that I personally don't remember saying and nothing to remind me about.

So I share, for I will have all these "funny little things" chronicled for my daughter.


A couple weeks ago, we were watching the Food Network, the show was called "Ice Cream: Unwrapped". They were showing an ice cream man who had been driving around his town for the last 50 yrs, serving up ice cream treats to the local children.

When out of the blue, my daughter says to us "Every time I see them, they are always lesbians."

I'm all "What? How do you know?" and then my husband quickly follows up with "What are they?"

She replies "They're always lesbians, or whatever they're called. You know, what Osama Bin Laden is."

I seriously could not stop laughing. My husband was also laughing and our daughter kept asking, with the innocent yet serious look, "What's so funny?"

I couldn't stop laughing, so my husband explained the difference between the two, lesbian and Muslim. She honestly thought she was using the correct words, in all her child-like innocence.

Poor thing was embarrassed but we were loving it....still much so, that we bribed her with $2 to post it on Facebook!

I ♥ her and all the funny little things she says!

So, with that said....Here's to keeping the memories!!!


♥ Special K ♥ said...

Glad you shared this! I needed a good smile :) Blessings Kimmy!!!

Sweet Tea said...

You just can't make up that kind of stuff. Love the innocence of children. Nothing at all wrong with posting it. Thanks for the smile!

Sweet Tea said...

Just read your post on my Blog - sure hope the headache has lifted so you can enjoy the weekend.
No fun feeling badly. :-(