Thursday, July 14, 2011

To Leave or Not to Leave....

That is the questions, my friends.

I'm sure you've all heard the grumblings about the latest news with Netflix. If you are a Netflix member (which we are), I'm sure you have had your own share of annoyance with the situation.

If you haven't heard, Netflix has decided to raise their rates by 60%. Personally, I'm not sure how ours will be raised 60% but here's our situation...

We have the "3 out at a time" selection. With this selection, Netflix also offers online streaming and also streaming through the Wii console.

Well, they have now decided to seperate the costs. The streaming will now be an additional $7.99. We currently pay $23 and change for our service. My husband does not want to pay an additional $7.99 on top of that and I don't blame him. That was one of the reasons why we canceled our membership with Hollywood Video when they decided to change their service we had from $24.99 to $40 a month.

So, as we were thinking about it, there is Blockbuster Video (Trivia: I was a prior employee 14 yrs ago) who also offers the same service, they also have a few additional perks....they are the only "mail service" that allows new releases when they come out (Netflix and Redbox you have to wait 30 days for new releases) and you can do 5 in-store exchanges a month rather than waiting for them in the mail.

First thing tomorrow morning, I will sign up for my 2 weeks free trial with Blockbuster to see if we like the service and if we like what they have to offer, if we get our movies in a timely manner like Netflix provides (I do like Netflix), we just may be saying "Hasta la vista" to Netflix and saying "Hello" to Blockbuster Video.

Are you a Netflix member? Was this rate increase too much for you? Are you going to stay or leave?


Sweet Tea said...

I hear ya, GF.
We have Netflix.
We had streaming and the only movie at a time option. We don't do streaming so I cancelled that and our price actually went down. We were paying $9.99 and now we will pay $7.99. We tivo lots of TV so one movie at a time works well for us. However, I'll be anxious to hear how you like Blockbuster, so let us know when you've had time to compare the two.

Amarie said...

They kept asking me to come back, but they can forget it now, unless I just go with the streaming. Do you know if streaming is limited for that $7.99?

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm still angry about this... I havent even gotten an email about it yet.. how sucky is THAT service?

Nikke said...

I would be upset, but the price change doesn't affect me.
I only do the streaming for $7.99 a month.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Thanks for the reminder... I've been meaning to cancel my Netflix before they up it next month!

I'll have to check out Blockbuster.