Sunday, July 3, 2011

....and then there was more!

I had previously posted here about our Vegas trip and how I realized I didn't take that many pics. Well, while in the shower {cause that's where I do my best thinking}, I realized that DUH...I didn't always have my camera but thanks to technology, I did have my cell phone. This is what I had captured.....

{hubby at the Bellagio}

{one of my 5 delicious cocktails of the evening}

{a random photo of the tram station}

{our delicious appetizer from Gilley's. you can never go wrong with deviled eggs. de-lish!}

{the boo boo on my foot that my lovely husband was so lovingly able to achive. while wearing flip-flops and then having a size 14 foot step on the back of them can be damaging! OUCH!}

{Cream! Alcoholic infused whipped cream....need I say more?! Yum! Now, to order it online and have them ship me a can....or two...or three!}

{second of my 5 yummy cocktails. honestly, this one is where it all began!}

Have a great week!!

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